A Spain ‘Digital Nomad’ Visa Is Currently in the Works

A Spain ‘Digital Nomad’ Visa Is Currently in the Works

Anyone else thinking of (temporarily) moving to Spain?

Working while vacationing in Spain has already been an option for quite some time, thanks to Spain’s Self-Employment Visa. But now, their government is drafting new measures to attract more remote workers through a special type of digital nomad visa.

So, if you have a job that lets you work anywhere with a good internet connection (pandemic or not), this is definitely good news! 

What we know so far about the Spain digital nomad visa

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Through the proposed digital nomad visa from Spain, people from around the world will be eligible to live there and work remotely. Nearly everyone is welcome to apply; whether it’s EU passport holders, those arriving from Schengen Zone countries, or even those from non-European Economic Area countries. 

Legislation for a Spain digital nomad visa was created to “attract and retain international and national talents by helping remote workers, and digital nomads set up in Spain,” as per a statement from the Economy Ministry.

What’s the difference between this pending visa and the Self-Employment Visa?

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Spain’s existing Self-Employment Visa requires you to register (and pay a fee) as self-employed upon entering the country. Visa holders may stay there for one year, with a chance of renewal for a longer duration of stay. 

Meanwhile, Spain’s digital nomad visa — which currently still requires approval from Parliament — will allow you to work remotely without having to register. It will cater specifically to freelancers, full-time workers who work remotely, and those with an 80% income from companies outside Spain. However, the proposed duration of stay is less than six months.

Spain digital nomad visa 

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It will also give you the option to start a new company there easily, thanks to a more streamlined process. “Startups are the foundation of the new digital economy; they generate highly skilled jobs and have high growth potential,” said Spain Economic Minister, Nadia Calvino. 

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Would you take the chance to apply for Spain’s digital nomad visa once it’s finalised? And if so, which place would you prefer to stay: the bustling cities like Barcelona and Madrid, or the scenic underrated small towns and villages? While you’re at it, you might also want to start brushing up on your Spanish language skills. 

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