Korea’s Must-Visit Places for an Aesthetic Boost on Your Instagram Feed

South Korea Upsized: Korea’s Must-Visit Places for an Aesthetic Boost on Your Instagram Feed

It’s high time you list down these Instagram-worthy places that’ll make you go daebak!

Singaporeans’ love affair with South Korea knows no bounds. Thanks to its addicting blend of offerings from pulsating city life and breathtaking nature to Korean pop culture and all the Instagram-worthy places in between, the East Asian gem is a certified top destination that has had us hooked for years on end. In fact, South Korea was the leading choice in a poll that asked locals to pick out a country Singapore should establish an air travel bubble arrangement with!

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Also read: Why Do Travellers Love South Korea? Let Us Count The WaysThat said, we know how much you’re itching to escape to South Korea once travel is in the cards. To quell your wanderlust, we consolidated a plethora of the most Instagrammable locations that are off-the-beaten-path in South Korea. The best part? These awe-inspiring places were actually suggested by Singaporeans like you as part of the Go Get Korea 2020! campaign. Meaning, you’re getting the best scoop from travel-loving folks who miss Korea just as much as you do! What are you waiting for? Discover unique facets of the dynamic country on your next voyage!

Old world charms that will satisfy your heart’s cravings for nostalgia

Gyeonggijeon Shrine

Keen to fill your feed with pictures that bear testament to a bygone era? Gyeonggijeon Shrine, erected in 1410, is dedicated to the spirits of Taejo (great ancestor) of Joseon and his wife. Born Yi Seong-Gye, he was the founder of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea — which flourished for a significant period of time before Korea became a modern republic.

The complex sits right smack in the middle of Jeonju Hanok Village and is surrounded by lush greenery. Within it, you’ll find the Royal Portrait Museum, which houses an impressive collection of portraits (including that of the revered Taejo of Joseon), on top of other precious relics spread across two levels.

Here, you can even don a beautiful hanbok — a traditional Korean attire as colourful as its fascinating history. Perfect your pose and snap away for the ‘gram! The stunning traditional architecture enhanced by the mesmerising scenery makes for a fairytale-like backdrop!

If you’re a K-drama aficionado and everything looks all too familiar, then you’ve got a sharp memory. The hit Korean series that starred heartthrob Park Bo-gum, Love In The Moonlight (also known as Moonlight Drawn By Clouds), was actually shot here! Take a tour around the place and recreate all your favourite scenes.  Don’t miss out on the bamboo grove — a prime spot for picture-taking thanks to the mystical aura it exudes.

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Seopirang Village

If you’re looking for an explosion of colours to vivify your Instagram feed, look no further than Seopirang Village, Tongyeong. What was formerly a dilapidated housing area has been gracefully transformed into an Instagram-worthy place in South Korea. This underrated gem is a haven for those with an artistic vision. In fact, it’s heralded as the second Dongpirang Village, which lies adjacent to Seopirang. An advantage of choosing to stay longer in Seopirang? Not as many people know about it yet, so you get first dibs plus it won’t be as crowded — a win-win! 

Upon stepping foot into the village, you can feast your eyes upon vibrant murals (some even larger-than-life) juxtaposed against decrepit edifices and sculptures made of recycled materials.

But, before that, you must ascend a 99-step stairway that’s coated in the brightest of colours — a masterpiece in its own right! Moreover, the stairway is peppered with chairs that double as a work of art so you can rest your tired legs while making your way up, or stop in your tracks for yet another photo opportunity. 

Tip: Say hello to locals you encounter along the way. The Seopirang Village boasts a designated zone called the “Say Hello Street”. Isn’t that a refreshing notion?

Modern marvels that showcase South Korea’s inventive genius

The Bay 101

Watch Korea’s cityscape come alive before your eyes when the last ray of sun recedes from the horizon. The Bay 101 is where you can revel in the incredible sight at a leisurely pace. Situated on Dongbaekseom Island, this marine leisure complex features multifarious attractions packed into the sprawling area. From restaurants and cafés to a yacht club and a gallery, there’s certainly something that’ll pique your interest. 

Make a beeline for the alfresco seating area (before the usual crowds stream in) and you’ll be in for a visual spectacle. Before that, don’t forget to grab some tipple or a cuppa coffee from the food trucks dotting the precinct. It’s an unrivalled spot to best admire the beauty of the dazzling harbour flanked by towering skyscrapers that sparkle with lights. Surrounded by a cool breeze under a blanket of stars with a mesmerising view to boot, you’ll find yourself musing on life’s infinite magic. Just remember to fish out your camera and snap some photos of the coruscating nightscape as a conduit of your best memory yet. 

Tip: If you’re feeling indulgent, opt for a yacht cruise experience to marvel at Korea’s iconic landmarks from the stretch of water across Gwangan Bay.

Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge

Perched high above the sea, the Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge is a must-visit attraction that is a modern-day engineering feat as much as it is an Instagrammable spot in South Korea. It connects Amnan Park to Songdo’s Beach best-kept secret — Dongseom Island. The bridge, restored in 2020 after a typhoon ravaged it, measures 127.1 metres long and 2 metres wide. At every step of the way, a spectacular view coalescing the reposeful ocean, the expanse of azure blue sky, and unique sedimentary formations from millions of years ago will greet you. It’s truly a sight to behold. 

At the tail of the man-made wonder, the route becomes circular. Take advantage of the path; you can take in the unparalleled vista in all its glory at a 360-angle! You may even catch sight of fishermen on the coastal rocks going about their daily activities — a refreshing contrast from the elevated buildings in the distance. Moreover, the wire mesh makes up the structure allowing you to peek at the mesmerising, blue depths below.

Tip: Bring along your selfie stick so that you can angle the picturesque scenery in your images. We’re sure your photo will go viral in no time! Don’t forget to tag @kto_singapore and @tripzillamag on Instagram for a chance to be featured! 

Urban Hive

If you’ve been to South Korea, you’ll realise that the country has many high-rise buildings. With a handful of architectural wonders, one that stands out a mile is Urban Hive — thanks to its quirky design that has turned heads ever since it was unveiled to the public. Plus, it has numerous accolades under its belt, including the Seoul Architecture Award in 2009! 

The 17-storey office tower located in the Gangnam district is designed to resemble a honeycomb, hence its name. Perfectly-round circles perforate the exterior of the building to mimic the mass of hexagonal wax cells built by honeybees. But, the motif is simply not just for aesthetic pleasure; there’s more to it than meets the eye! Thanks to its unique construction, the building boasts a bigger interior by maximising the flexibility of the space. Additionally, it is able to withstand even greater intensities of earthquakes. 

Coastal views that will leave you reinvigorated

Haeundae Blueline Park

Haeundae Beach Train | Image credit: Korea Tourism Organization

If you’ve travelled to Korea, chances are you have already frequented Haeundae Beach — a hotspot amongst tourists and locals alike. But, since we’re exploring less-frequented spots that are just as pleasing to the eyes, the newly-opened Haeundae Blueline Park definitely deserves a mention. Starting from Mipo Station and running through Songjeong Station, the park stretches out a distance of 4.8km with several offerings along the way. 

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Daritdol Observatory | Image credit: Blueline Park Official Website 

Choose to immerse in the eclectic nuances of the various stops by taking a leisurely stroll or hopping on board the Haeundae Beach Train (which is our best bet). With window-facing seats, ample legroom, and a comfortable speed, you can soak up views of the coastline while enjoying a pleasant journey. 

Haeundae Sky Capsule | Image credit: Blueline Park Official Website

Be sure to get down at these various stops for an indelible experience in South Korea:

  • Dalmaji Tunnel: Check out the row of rainbow columns that come alive at nightfall. Be sure to capture the vibrant colours in the form of a boomerang. 
  • Daritdol Observatory: Here, you can enjoy a scenic trek on a skywalk above the ocean. Feel the wind in your hair as you wend your way deeper into the horizon and stop in your tracks every now and then to snap a photo with the panoramic sea serving as a backdrop. You can even get the impression of floating on water thanks to the see-through floor panels. 
  • Mipo Station and Cheongsapo Station: Ride a sky capsule at these two stations in the park. It’s stands about 7 to 10 metres above the ground and it makes for a novel experience for if you’re feeling slightly adventurous. With a capacity of four persons and a duration of 25 minutes, the capsule takes you along the same route as the Haeundae Beach Train, only higher above. 

Jangrim Port

Make your way to Jangrim Port to get a taste of Venizia in Busan. Given the sobriquet “Bunezia” (a combination of the two cities), this fishing port exudes an old-world charm that is reminiscent of the city built on a lagoon on the other side of the world. Given a meandering harbour lined with multicoloured houses and a row of boats, the resemblance is uncanny! You may have to pinch yourself to make sure you actually haven’t teleported outside of South Korea.

Whether you’re looking for a picture-perfect shot by the harbour or right in front of the majestic clock tower, Jangrim Port is sure to impress. Be one of the first few to catch the wave before it starts to gather throngs of tourists in the next few years or so. 

Yokjido Island

If you’re looking to get away from it all, you certainly should make a pitstop at Yokjido Island during your sojourn in South Korea. Far from the city hubbub, this remote slice of paradise has natural beauty in spades. Here, it seems that the clear turquoise waters, unending stretch of sands, jagged limestone cliffs, and lush greenery — to name a few — were made to be uploaded on the ‘gram

Your journey to this untouched archipelago sets sail with a 50-minute ferry ride from Tongyeong that promises dramatic views at every turn. Once you set foot on the island, you’ll come to see that it boasts plenty of walking and hiking trails. Plus, it makes for the best way to take in the mesmerising landscape! Amble your way around and you’ll stumble upon a conspicuous suspension bridge that offers a vantage point of rocky outcrops meeting the infinite blue sea. Be there just before sunset to capture the day’s last rays shine out over the ocean — a visual spectacle that will leave your followers in awe. 

Alternatively, you can embark on a monorail ride that takes you to the top of Mount Cheonhwang, where an aerial view of the island will greet you. Or, tuck into an array of fresh seafood such as tasty mackerel sashimi. On top of that, you can also check out the various temples that dot the area to immerse yourself in the rich culture of the place. Whatever you seek, Yokjido Island is sure to excite your senses. 


MER DE COUR cafe is a tranquil oasis where you can whet your appetite amidst stunning scenery. At this hillside eatery overlooking a beach in Busan, an unbeatable view of the ocean comes as part of your sweet delights. Right from the imposing facade to the spacious interior with floor-to-window ceilings and alfresco seating area on the deck, every nook and cranny oozes Instagrammable appeal!

Dig into an assortment of pastries while washing it down with a refreshing drink. Think the likes of a croissant with strawberry filling, a hearty sandwich stuffed with vegetables and savoury meat, house-brewed coffee, or even a citrus lemonade with a perfect blend of tangy and sweet. The menu is simple but it brims with comfort food; it pairs wonderfully with the panorama that begs to be photographed. Remember to come equipped with your camera. You wouldn’t want to miss out filling your feed with incredible pictures from this location. 

Tip: After eating to your heart’s content, a post-meal stroll is a must. It’s a great way to improve digestion while allowing you to tune in to the gentle lapping of the waves — permeating a sense of calm and clarity.

As you can tell, South Korea brims with Insta-worthy spots — some still considered under-the-radar even by locals. With a well-rounded mix of natural beauty and man-made attractions that will make any traveller want to snap away, the country will surely fill your memory bank and your Instagram feed. Discover these overlooked spots on your next trip to Korea and see your Instagram account stand out from the crowd. 

Don’t forget to share your photos with us on Instagram, use the hashtag #TripZillaShare, and tag us on @tripzillamag and @kto_singapore. We look forward to feasting our eyes on your adventures! In the meantime, show this article to friends who’ve been pining for South Korea just as much as you. 

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