Singapore-Malaysia Land VTL Opens to All Travellers From 20 Dec

Singapore-Malaysia Land VTL Opens to All Travellers From 20 Dec

Johor, here we come!

Over a month ago, the land Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) between Singapore and Malaysia opened but remained limited to a small group of people. Travelling for a short vacation overland was certainly out of the question, but it’s not anymore! Starting 20 Dec 2021, the Singapore-Malaysia land VTL will be expanded to allow all types of travellers to travel between the two countries!  

Who qualifies for the land VTL?

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Previously, you had to be either a citizen, a permanent resident, or a long-term pass-holder to travel between Singapore and Malaysia on the land VTL.  From 20 Dec onwards though, everyone will be able to utilise this travel lane. 

What are the COVID-19 test protocols?

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Prevailing COVID-19 test protocols apply to those that want to travel between Singapore and Malaysia through the land VTL. Everyone must undergo a PT-PCR test 48 hours before travelling into either country.

Those entering Singapore through the VTL have to abide by local safety measures. As of 15 Dec 2021, this includes downloading and utilizing the TraceTogether app, maintaining social distancing, travelling in groups of no more than 5, and undergoing the post-arrival 7-day COVID-19 antigen rapid test (ART).

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Those entering Malaysia through the VTL will have to undergo a professionally-administered antigen rapid test (RTK-Ag) upon their arrival in Malaysia. They will also need to take COVID-19 tests for six days after arriving in the country, which consists of taking a professionally-administered RTK-Ag test on the 3rd and 5th day and a self-administered RTK-Ag test on all the other days. 

Daily travel limit

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Currently, the total daily quota for the land VTL is 2,900 travellers. This means a total of 1,440 passengers are allowed each way. 

The VTL is facilitated by 32 bus trips each way that will cross the Causeway daily. Each bus has a maximum capacity of 45 passengers per trip and will bring you from Singapore’s Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange to Johor Bahru’s Larkin Sentral Bus Terminal and vice versa. 

This expansion to the Singapore-Malaysia land VTL comes just in time for Christmas. This means more people will be able to cross the borders and spend quality time with their families this holiday season. How wholesome!

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