Fraser Island Was a Part of the Royal Tour and Here's Why You Should Visit Too

Fraser Island Was a Part of the Royal Tour and Here’s Why You Should Visit Too

Fraser Island, with its lush rainforests and crystal clear lakes, shines as a destination off mainland Australia.

Last month, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry slowed down on their Royal Tour in Australia and eased up to a relaxed pace on Fraser Island in Queensland. You too can enjoy the same breathtaking scenery, soft sands and refreshing waters on your own blissful island retreat.

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1. Enjoy nature’s finest at Lake McKenzie

One of the first stops of the Royal Tour at Fraser Island was Lake McKenzie, and for good reason. This perched lake with its pristine waters is probably one of the most popular sites on the island. Though the word ‘pristine’ is often used to describe beaches, or any body of water with a sandbank, it is certainly a fitting description of Lake McKenzie.

The sand here is 100% white silica and it’s so fine that walking on it feels like you’re walking on clouds. Not only does the sand make for aesthetically pleasing photos, but it also acts as a filter for the water, giving the lake its clear, brilliant blue and making the water pure enough to drink (literally).

2. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world

Why go to the usual beaches to relax when you can go to the largest sand island in the world — complete with UNESCO World Heritage Site status — for your retreat? I’m sure the royal couple had this in mind as well when they included Fraser Island as part of their tour.

Take your time to marvel at ever-changing sand dune formations without having to worry about the scorching heat of the desert. And if beaches are your thing, take your pick from any of Fraser Island’s beautiful beaches that span a combined 250km.

3. Bingo bongo, dingo doggo

dingo on beach

Image credit: Sarah

Dingoes galore! These native dogs are commonly spotted along the beaches of the island, and it shouldn’t be a surprise — they’re a protected species for their ability to become the purest strain of dingo on the eastern seaboard. Notably, they’ve roamed the island long before tourism started bringing ferries in.

Dingoes love to swim, fish and strut their stuff along the beaches, and that provides us with ample opportunities to snap a photo (or multiple) of Australia’s wild dogs in their element.

The best time for catch them in action? Dawn or dusk, when they do most of their strutting.


Image credit: Sam Fraser-Smith

Fun fact: Only the dingoes on Fraser Island howl at the sound of aeroplanes landing or taking off.

group of dingoes

Image credit: Kingfisher Bay Resort

Cute as they may be, please remember that these dingoes are wild animals, so it’s important to practice good dingo safety:

  1. Never feed the dingoes.
  2. Walk in groups.
  3. Avoid running as that may trigger a negative dingo reaction.
  4. Families, please ensure to always stay within arm’s reach of children.
  5. Secure items that may attract unwanted attention from the dingoes, such as food and waste

4. Cool off in Eli Creek

Eli Creek is the largest creek on the eastern beach of the island and it’s one of the many swimming holes here that you can jump in for a dip. Good news because, trust us, with its sparkling clear water, you’ll be tempted to anyway.

Pack a picnic, take a relaxing stroll down the boardwalk through nature or, even better, take a dip in the refreshing water for an invigorating experience.

For drivers crossing the creek, take care not to underestimate its fast-flowing water. If it’s high tide, you’re better off parking at the wayside and going for a swim while waiting for the tide to subside.

5. Marvel at the Maheno Shipwreck

SS Maheno shipwreck

Image credit: Ric Capucho

Beached about 10 kilometres north of Happy Valley lays the S.S. Maheno — or rather a remnant of what she was in her former glory — a famous trans-Tasman liner driven ashore during a cyclone in 1935.

This wreck site marks the final resting place of the Maheno, a great piece of Australian history, and an excellent photo opportunity for historians and laymen alike.

6. Bubble away in the Champagne Pools

Next up, introducing Fraser Island’s Champagne Pools — one of nature’s original jacuzzi tub.

champagne pools

Image credit: Queensland Blog

As the oncoming waves crash onto the volcanic rock protecting these pools, the aptly-named Champagne Pools are left with fizzing foam as the waters settle, and that provides you with all the relaxing tranquility of a resort’s jacuzzi — only it’s completely natural.

What are you waiting for? Get your swimsuit on and relax in Fraser Island’s own jacuzzi!

7. Lounge on the sand of abundant beaches

With all this talk of island retreats, sand and ocean waves, it’s only inevitable that beaches are on this list, and rightly so — 250km is a lot of beach. That said, the Seventy-Five Mile Beach is a stretch not to be missed.

Whether you have a picnic while serenaded by the soothing waves, or choose to go for romantic long walks on the beach watching the sun disappear below the horizon, it’s hard for things to get any more idyllic.

8. Stargazing under the night sky

milky way in the starry night

Image credit: Kingfisher Bay Resort

Chances are, you haven’t been absolutely awed by the night sky in all its majesty since city lights drowned out the bedazzling starlight. Guess what? You won’t have this problem on Fraser Island!

While the nights are longer in winter (therefore providing more stargazing time), constellations like The Crux and Centaurus shine bright no matter the time of year, so kick back, relax, and bask under the true night sky.

9. Go on a road trip!

After building up your enthusiasm with the attractions above, what’s the best way for you to go on your own Royal Tour? A road trip, of course. So hop on a tour with Discovery Group or Fraser Explorer Tours and embark on a 4WD tour to Fraser Island that departs from Rainbow Beach!

the pinnacles coloured sands

Image credit: Bernard Dupont

Not only does the tour bring you to the aforementioned sites such as Seventy-Five Mile Beach and Lake McKenzie, it also covers the Pinnacles Coloured Sands — sand cliffs in different hues of orange and yellow.

What’s more, you’ll be accompanied by a guide who’s both impassioned and an expert in the island, so expect lots of interesting facts and insider knowledge coming your way!

Seasonal Special in Jul–Nov: Have a whale of a time at Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is the whale watching capital of Australia, and it’s really no surprise. Between June and November every year, over 7,000 humpback whales take their own short holiday here to teach their calves essential life skills before they continue their journey south.

Do what the Duchess of Sussex did and board the specially designed Tasman Venture for the best chance of snapping photos of these graceful giants as they spyhop and tummy flash a short distance off the western coast of Fraser Island.

Your holiday can start before you arrive at Fraser Island!

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Get packing, and experience for yourself the sights that the royal couple saw! You’ll understand why Fraser Island is called K’gari by the Butchalla people — meaning paradise.

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