Reasons to Check in Early: Fun Things You Never Knew You Could Do at Changi Airport

Reasons to Check in Early: Fun Things You Never Knew You Could Do at Changi Airport

Check out the numerous fun activities you can do in Changi Airport before your flight!

Calling all avid travellers! Yes, there’s plenty of fun things to do at our beloved airport, but after a while, just how many times can you upload a photo onto the social tree, or slide down the T3 indoor slide? B-o-ring. We’ve been there, done that – it’s time for something new!

Why not check out these 10 OTHER fun things that you can do at Changi Airport as you wait for your flight? P.S. To make it easier, we’ve segmented the activities according to how much time you have before your flight.

Fun fact: you can travel between terminals even within the transit area itself! That’s definitely a plus point for all of us who just can’t wait to try out all the fun stuff in the different transit areas. Explore away!

If you have 30 minutes before your flight:

1. Get a FREE, Fabulous Makeover at Dior Beauty House!

Time needed: 5-10 minutes

things to do changi airport reasons check in early

Did you know that you can get a FREE flash makeover by Dior make-up artists? That’s right, at the Shilla Beauty Loft, the first of its kind in the world; get that dream makeover that you’ve always wanted! There’s no excuse for not looking fab all the time, even whilst you’re travelling! The highlight for me, though, was not looking super fab after the makeover, but chatting with the super friendly Ken Alcindor, the colour stylist at Dior Beauty House. Not only is he fantastic at what he does, he’s great at making you feel right at home as well. This gets a 10/10 rating from us – would definitely recommend! Pssst, one of our writers went down for a fabulous session at the Shilla Beauty Loft – do stay tuned for the review!

Where: Shilla Beauty Loft, Level 2 of The Shilla Duty Free Cosmetics and Perfumes Departure Central store, Terminal 3 Transit

Price: FREE

Visit for more information.

2. Have a Butterfly Sit on Your Fingers at the Butterfly Garden

Time needed: OTOT

Everyone knows about the sunflower garden, but did you know that there’s a butterfly garden in the airport as well? How cool is that! Step into a haven that’s FILLED with butterflies at the transit area, and gaze in wonder as thousands of butterflies fly right in front of you!

And if you’re lucky maybe even have one sit on your fingers while you’re at it! Pro tip: just put your fingers right next to the butterfly, and gently go under it from there. Be gentle though, careful not to hurt ‘em butterflies!

Where: Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2 & 3, Terminal 3 Transit

Price: FREE

3. Indulge in a Hand Massage to Get Baby Soft Hands

Time needed: 10 minutes

Also located at the Shilla Beauty Loft, we guarantee you won’t stop touching your own hands for days after. So soft, and so smooooth! Using their White Caviar Illuminating Hand Cream, your hands are definitely in good hands (ha ha!) with their in-house specialist. After all, who doesn’t like baby-smooth hands? We know we do! Psst… You can opt for a face treatment or eye massage as well!

Where: Shilla Beauty Loft, Level 2 of The Shilla Duty Free Cosmetics and Perfumes Departure

Central store, Terminal 3 Transit

Price: Complimentary with any purchase from La Prairie

Visit skincare-bar- by-la- prairie/ for more information.

If you have 1 hour before your flight:

1. Fall Asleep While Getting Pampered With a Facial… Zzz

Time needed: 15 minutes to 1 hour

Hop on over to the SK-II PITERA Lounge at the Shilla Beauty Loft, and choose from their wide range of facials and therapies. I tried the Pitera™ Essential Facial, their signature facial treatment, which had NO EXTRACTION, thank goodness. So all in all, it was a pretty awesome, pretty soothing facial… I even managed to catch a few winks while I was at it! And woke up to super soft and gorgeous skin, of course. It’s best to book your facial beforehand, if you’re planning a visit anytime soon!

Where: Shilla Beauty Loft, Level 2 of The Shilla Duty Free Cosmetics and Perfumes Departure Central store, Terminal 3 Transit

Price: Ranges from $25 to $128

Visit ii-pitera- lounge/ to book an appointment.

2. Relive Your Childhood at the Entertainment Deck

Time needed: OTOT

The Entertainment Deck is definitely one stop that you shouldn’t miss! For one, make sure you hit up LAN Gaming room, and take your chance at MapleStory or L4D2. When you’re done with that, sweat it out with the Xbox Kinect, maybe? Great for some family fun, or challenging your friend to see who’s the better tennis player! And music fans, you’ll be delighted to know that the latest music videos are screened on a 50 inch plasma TV, with the accompanying music being played directly to you on your seat!

Where: Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3, Terminal 2 Transit

Price: FREE

3. Soak in Some Sun at the Sunflower Garden

Time needed: OTOT

Okay, fine. So everybody knows about this garden. But that shouldn’t stop you from paying a visit anyway – it’s beautiful, and will definitely brighten up your day! Filled with a few varieties of these sunny blossoms, this is a great place for photo ops and to fill your Instagram with some cheery colours.

Where: Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3, Terminal 2 Transit

Price: FREE

4. Use the Free Internet Like Nobody’s Business

Time needed: OTOT

And if all else fails… Thank goodness there’s free internet all day, every day, at Changi Airport! Don’t feel like doing anything listed above? Never fear, free internet to the rescue. You’re welcome.

Where: All around the airport, Terminal 1/2/3

Price: FREE

5. Shop Till Your Heart’s Content at The Shilla Duty Free

Time needed: OTOT

With up to 140 Cosmetics and Perfumes brands, The Shilla Duty Free boasts the largest collective beauty offering in Singapore with attractive prices up to 40% more affordable than in the city.


Plus, duty free shopping has gone lighter! If you are arriving back to Singapore, you may utilize the pre-order service available at The Shilla Duty Free before you fly! Travel light, and collect your items when you arrive back to Singapore.

For more information: order-service/

And if you don’t want to spend too much time hopping from one terminal to another just to shop, here’s a great tip for you: shop online on before your departure day, and collect all your goodies at one spot on the day itself! Like, wow, convenient much?? No more lugging your shopping all around the airport!

Where: The Shilla Duty Free stores, at Terminal 1/2/3 Transits

Price: Varies

If you have 2 hours before your flight:

1. Snuggle Up at the Movie Theatres

Time needed: 2-3 hours

Yep, that’s right, there are TWO movie theatres in Changi for you to indulge in! The one located in T2 is at the Entertainment Deck whereas the one at T3 is close to the Ambassador Transit Lounge. Wanna catch the latest blockbusters? Then head on to these movie theatres to watch till your heart’s content! T2’s theatre is rather cosy, whereas T3’s theatre really does feel like a legit mini-cinema, so it really depends on what you prefer.

Where: Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3, Terminal 2 Transit / Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 3, Terminal 3 Transit

Price: FREE

2. Lounge Away at the Rooftop Pool

Time needed: OTOT

Image credit: Changi Airport

For a very cheap price of around SGD17, bask in the sun or take a cool dip in the pool at the top of the airport! Along with the free use of their shower facilities, and a complimentary non-alcoholic drink at the bar, and a jacuzzi to boot, this is definitely one of the cooler (literally!) things to do at Changi Airport.

Where: Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3, Terminal 1 Transit

Price: $17

With so many fun things to do, with THE majority being absolutely free, how can you NOT want to check-in early just to check out these gems?? So take it from me: the next time you have a flight to catch, don’t moan and groan about how absolutely tedious it is. Instead, head down early to enjoy all these awesome activities to make your preflight time way more fun than you ever thought it could be!  

Brought to you by The Shilla Duty Free.

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