2018 Bucket List: Dare to be Different and Go On a Fly-Cruise

2018 Bucket List: Dare to be Different and Go On a Fly-Cruise

A holiday idea that's perfect for everyone.

What’s a Fly-Cruise? It’s basically a new and revolutionary way of travel that has taken our shores by storm. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your family holidays in 2018, or if you’re eager to travel to multiple countries but find the planning to be too much of a hassle, THIS is the perfect option for you!

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Embark on a luxurious Fly-Cruise with Princess Cruises to multiple destinations across numerous countries, with each and every adventure thoroughly mapped out for you! Integrating both flight and cruise, a Fly-Cruise offers travellers a flexible and convenient global-trot to satisfy any #wanderlust cravings.

So what’s bigger and better about Princess Cruises’ 2018 Fly-Cruises to Japan? Well, first you’ll get to…

1. Experience Japan’s autumn like never before

Magnificent view of Mount Fuji in autumn

Awarded the ‘Best Cruise Line Itineraries’ by Recommend Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards, Princess Cruises have a myriad of exciting Japan itineraries lined up for you in 2018. What’s more, for the first time ever, the luxury liner is extending its sailings to Japan till November so that passengers can experience the gorgeous Japanese autumn!

Fall foliage in Japan | Image credit: Yamakidoms

Experience the land of the rising sun like never before as you cruise through multiple Japanese cities that are filled with golden-caramel leaves and a wistful autumn breeze. Plus, you’ll get to up your instagram game by capturing gram-worthy shots of the brilliant red and gold autumn. What a treat!  

Our top pick? This Japan Fall Foliage Explorer itinerary.

2. Enjoy round trip cruises with flexible boarding

fly cruise bucket list

Sailing the world and seven seas | Image Credits: Princess Cruises

Come 2018, Princess Cruises will also sail around the ports of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Okinawa and Keelung (Taiwan). You can go on a round-trip cruise where your first destination will be the same as your last, and explore the other ports on the way! Take your pick from these options:

Should you board the ship at Nagoya, for example, you’ll sail around the other ports before disembarking back in Nagoya. This means that you have the added flexibility to plan your pre and post cruise stays in the various ports as and how you like.

Need more convincing? On a Fly-Cruise, you’ll…

3. Have everything planned out for you

Besides having your transport to each of these ports of call settled (think: going to sleep every night and waking up each morning somewhere new), you can also opt for shore excursions that will bring you around each new destination without you having to break a sweat. Just book a shore excursion onboard and enjoy all that Japan has in store for you!

Nagoya Castle during autumn | Image credit: Emran Kassim

Atsuta Shrine during fall | Image credit: Paul Davidson

Trust us, you will never run out of things to do in Japan! Take Nagoya for instance, which is a wondrous amalgamation of history and nature. A perfect backdrop for a romantic photoshoot, prepare your cameras as you retrace the steps of samurais and shoguns (previous rulers of the country) at the renowned Nagoya Castle and venerated Atsuta Shrine.

Autumn at Mount Koya | Image credit: Travis

For those who are feeling more adventurous, make sure to visit the famous Mount Koya in Osaka’s countryside! A meditative hike up Mount Koya will also bring you to the picturesque Okunoin Temple. The Shrine is also the mausoleum of Kobo Daishi, founder of Shingon Buddhism in Japan.

Stoked but unsure of how to navigate your way around? Check out Princess Cruises’ thoughtfully curated shore excursions for guided tours to these places.

4. Get to try something completely different

Did we mention that these Japan itineraries also bring you to… Russia? Yes, you read right! Princess Cruises also offer swanky Fly-Cruise options to Japan and Korea, and to Japan and Russia too!

At this enigmatic port, get ready to plunge into rich cultural experiences and find serenity in the quaint and tranquil town. Be rewarded doubly when you go on Princess Cruises’ shore excursions in Korsakov – discover a side of Russia you have never known, PLUS save the trouble of having to apply for your visas (which you otherwise would have to do if you were to go free and easy)! Never has it been easier to travel between two continents in one single vacation. Itching to go on a Fly-Cruise already?

5. Enjoy activities perfect for the whole family

fly cruise bucket list

Fly-Cruise memories stay with you forever  | Image credit: Princess Cruises

In addition, here’s what sets a Fly-Cruise apart from your normal vacation – you get to enjoy both onshore AND offshore, the best of both worlds indeed! There is a large variety of activities to enjoy with your entire family on-board the Diamond Princess ship – while the grandparents and parents rest their tired bones in luxurious spas, the children can hang out at the Teen’s Lounge for sports and games. Couples can also don their party clothes for a date night at one of the fine-dining restaurants onboard. There’s just so much to do; there’s bound to be something for everyone!  

If you’re spoilt for choice, start with these 8 awesome activities that you just have to try.

And finally, you can…

6. Save valuable time

fly cruise bucket list

Image credit: Princess Cruises

Take a step back and think about how value for money these deals are. With a Fly-Cruise, you can enjoy so much more costs savings in terms of transport and accommodation, as compared to conventional travelling where one flies between four cities with stopovers (for at least a night) in between.

What an epic journey! We leave you with these last words: with a Fly-Cruise, the world is truly at your fingertips. Book your Fly-Cruise with Princess Cruises now and embark from Nagoya, Taipei, Tokyo or Osaka. Pack your bags, you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime!

Brought to you by Princess Cruises.

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