The Top 15 Popular Countries to Move to, According to Google

Your Favourite Country Is the Second-Most Popular Country to Move to, According to Google!

These destinations are what people usually look at.

In case you’re thinking about moving to another country, or even just buying a house abroad, take into consideration the most popular destinations that people search for. An Australian financial website conducted an analysis using Google search data, where they used search terms related to relocation, in every country around the world. A lot of countries tied within the top 15 ranking, but a few claimed their spot as a solo act. This included everyone’s favourite country Japan which landed in the Top 2. You can, after all, buy an empty house in Japan worth only US$500.

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popular countries to move to

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Familiar high-ranking countries include Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. But you’ll see countries in the ranking that might surprise you. So without further ado, here are the most popular countries to move to. 

The most popular countries to move to

Moraine Lake, Canada | Image credit: John Lee

 1. Canada (the favourite in 50 countries)

 2. Japan (the favourite in 31 countries)

 3. Spain (the favourite in 19 countries)

4. China (the favourite in 15 countries)

5.  France (the favourite in 11 countries)

6.  Turkey, South Africa (the favourite in nine countries each)

8. India (the favourite in seven countries)

9. Australia (the favourite in six countries)

10. Greece, Fiji (the favourite in four countries each)

12. New Zealand (the favourite in three countries)

13. Malaysia, Portugal (the favourite in two countries)

15. Sweden, Philippines, Bulgaria, Germany, Thailand, Egypt, Singapore, Myanmar, Italy, Nigeria (the favourite in one country each)

popular countries to move to

Barcelona, Spain | Image credit: Ken Cheung

Considering that a lot of Italian villages are selling empty houses for only 1, it’s surprising that Italy ended up at the bottom of the ranking. We would have also expected Austria to make it to the list given that Vienna often claims the top spot as the most liveable city in the world. Perhaps this goes to show that liveable doesn’t necessarily equate to being a popular choice. 

Nevertheless, countries like Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia remain consistent in global rankings when it comes to top destinations while living or working abroad. Which destinations do you think deserved a spot on the list of popular countries to move to?

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