Air France Gives Everyone A Chance to Experience First Class

Air France Gives Everyone A Chance to Experience First Class

Want to travel in style and luxury but can't afford to do so? This street-view virtual tour of Air France's First Class Cabin gives you an unprecedented view of this lifestyle.

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How many times have you gotten onto the plane and looked enviously at the first class cabins while slowly shuffling to the back? You think to yourself, “when I make it big next time, I’m going to treat myself to that”. Until then though, it’s mostly a daydream and nothing more. Or is it?
I’m not here to give out free first class tickets, but I can give you the next best thing – a virtual walk through the first class cabins.
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Take a virtual tour around Air France’s Boeing 777-300, and get up close and personal with the entire plane. Let’s not kid ourselves though, after the cockpit (which is not included in the virtual tour for obvious security purposes), the part of the plane we’re all interested in is the first class cabin. We all want to see how the top 1% travel in style and comfort. Check out the gourmet meals and the completely flat beds that the few privileged people enjoy!
We’ll let the virtual tour speak for itself, but needless to say after we were done playing around with it, the productivity and work rate shot up, all working toward that first class ticket. Maybe one day!

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