Orchard Road's Uncle Chieng Giving Out Free Ice Cream Till 29 Sep 2021

Orchard Road’s Uncle Chieng Giving Out Free Ice Cream Till 29 Sep 2021

It’s part of an initiative to support businesses like these.

Among the throng of malls along the bustling shopping district, you will find the Orchard Road ice cream Uncle, a.k.a. Uncle Chieng! Singaporeans are definitely familiar with the sight of ice cream trucks like these but Uncle Cheng’s sweet treats are a hit among tourists, too! Growing up, the sound of the truck from below our HDB blocks was certainly one of the best things you could look forward to. After all, it often signalled a lovely mid-day snack!  

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Redeem free ice cream along Orchard Road from now until 29 Sep 2021

Fortunately, from now until 29 Sep 2021, passers-by along Orchard Road can redeem a free ice cream from Uncle Chieng! All you have to do is to download Hugo on your phone, Singapore’s first Wealthcare® app. 

Limited to 200 Singaporean residents per day on a first-come-first-served basis, this exclusive ice cream truck can be found outside Ngee Ann City. First-time users can scan the QR code displayed to download the app, while existing users can also redeem the treat. However, each person can only receive one free ice cream! So, don’t be greedy!   

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A touch of positivity in trying times

Not only will the free ice cream be a dose of positivity for people amidst the tough COVID-19 landscape, Hugo will also be compensating Uncle Chieng accordingly. These efforts are directed towards supporting other ice cream Uncles like Uncle Chieng himself. 

Nowadays, these trucks are becoming a rare sight, with many of them lamenting about the tough nature of maintaining business. 

Therefore, the next time you’re gallivanting through the busy street, why not stop by to show your support, too? After all, tough times like these should remind us that it doesn’t require much — just a simple ice cream — to feel a moment of joy. 

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