That's Right, You Can Now Tie the Knot for S$500 in McDonald's Hong Kong

That’s Right, You Can Now Tie the Knot for S$500 in McDonald’s Hong Kong

You can now walk down the aisle and say "I Do" at Maccas.

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Talk about a wedding that’ll leave ALL your guests talking: it turns out you can the knot in Hong Kong at a McDonald’s.

That’s right, McDonald’s Hong Kong offers a wedding party service that includes everything you’d need on your Big (Mac) Day from wedding decorations, party favours, invites, and even a wedding emcee.

Ranging between S$527 and S$1750, couples can choose from four different wedding packages. Depending on the package, newlyweds-to-be can enjoy balloon arches, two McDonald’s balloon wedding rings, and even the option to go for a more contemporary decor route or a ‘traditional’ Chinese one.  

Party Decor, Emcee – And Of Course, A Three-Tiered Apple Pie Wedding Cake Included

To date, Hong Kong is the only city in the world where you can actually host a McDonald’s wedding reception. In fact, this wedding party service isn’t new.

First unveiled (pun fully intended) back in 2011, it was available in only three outlets within central Hong Kong. However, demand for the service skyrocketed so much so that it has since been rolled out to 15 outlets across the city.

Image credit: McDonald’s

And if you’re wondering, “Who would want their nuptials done in a fast-food chain?”, McDonald’s spokesperson Jessica Lee said the idea initially came about to tap into the nostalgia that surrounds McDonald’s for many young couples.

“We started the program because many customers tell us that McDonald’s is where they first started dating,” she shared with CNBC in 2014. Fast-food nuptials aren’t as rare as you’d think – nuptials have been hosted everywhere from a Taco Bell wedding in Vegas, a Starbucks wedding, and more.

Not sure if we’re fully McLovin’ this, but hey – to each his own.

To find out which McDonald’s outlets with the wedding package available, visit their website here

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