Get Phone Insurance: What to Do If You Lose Your Phone While Travelling

Don’t Panic: What to Do If You Lose Your Phone While Travelling Abroad

Don't worry! There are ways to save you from the hassle.

Losing your phone, whether to accidental damage or theft, is always frustrating. We have become increasingly reliant on our smartphones, and it is tough to get through a day without them. However, it is not just frustrating to lose your phone when travelling abroad – it can lead to panic.

Travel in 2022 is very different to what it once was. Many of us rely on our phones to get around a new place, find our accommodation, translate signs, and much more. Without your phone, you may find yourself stuck.

if you lose phone get a phone insurance

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Now, losing your phone abroad is not actually a catastrophe. If you are able to stay calm, you can make plans to get by. Renters insurance covers your phone for theft even when travelling abroad, so you don’t have to worry about specific travel insurance. With this in mind, you can take the following steps when you lose your phone during international travel.

Consider your alternative devices


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Your phone may seem like your strongest connection to your plans and the city you’re in. However, if you have any other device with you, whether a tablet or a laptop, you still have access to everything you need. You may not be able to walk around a city with your laptop guiding your every turn, but you can use it to make contingency plans.


Find a public place to connect

public library

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What if you don’t have any other devices? Your best bet is to ask around whether there are any libraries or other places where you can access the internet. Most cities no longer have traditional ‘internet cafes’, but you may be able to find a modern equivalent. At the very least, you may find someone kind enough to lend you their device for a few minutes.


Buy a new phone

buy new phone and get phone insurance

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We will go into the process of reporting your device missing and claiming from your insurance. But if you really have no way of getting online or contacting someone who can help, consider buying a new phone. While you may not want to spend the cash, you should be able to get your money back once your insurance claim is processed.

With a new phone, you can use the cloud to quickly get everything you need set up again. You can easily get in touch with the people you need to, and navigate or get around the place you are visiting.

Contact your insurer

contact phone insurance

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You will want to get your claim processed as soon as possible. The best way to do so is to contact your insurer immediately. They will be able to give you the exact steps you need to take in order to make your claim. You may be required to file a police report, but the main process should be an easy phone insurance claim made over the phone or online.

File a police report

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If your phone was stolen – whether it was snatched from a table, pickpocketed, or taken from your hotel room – you may need to file a police report for your insurance claim. If your insurer requires this, you should search for tourism police in the area. These police are best placed to help tourists, with the ability to speak your language and help you with a process you are not familiar with.

If there are no tourist police, you will have to go to a local police station and file a report. Ask if there is someone available who can speak English. Most insurers will not require anything more than a basic police report, so you do not have to go to tremendous lengths to get evidence of an investigation.

It may also be possible to get a signed affidavit at the police station, which your insurer may also consider sufficient to file the claim.

Call a friend

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One of the reasons people panic when they lose their phone when travelling is because they feel very isolated. Whether or not you think you need to, call a friend if you are travelling alone. They will help you feel more at ease about the situation. You will be better able to make decisions and figure out how to continue your trip.

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