UPDATED: Social Distancing Measures around Asia

Social Distancing and Lockdown Updates around Asia

A summary of the updated lockdown and social distancing measures around Asia.

As the COVID-19 virus continues to show no signs of abating, these countries have implemented and extended social distancing measures. Here is a summary: 

Singapore: Circuit Breaker extended from 4 May until 1 June

  • Essential services remain open, non-essential services to close
  • Schools to be closed, home-based learning implemented
  • Encouraged to stay home and only go out to buy basic necessities
  • Practice social distancing while exercise at parks
  • Mandatory use of masks
  • Non-compliance of measures will result in fines or imprisonment

Malaysia: Movement Control Order extended from 14 April to 28 April

  • Essential services remain open, non-essential services to close
  • Mass gatherings are prohibited
  • All education institutions are closed, home-based learning implemented, major public examinations are postponed
  • Required to stay home and only go out within a certain area for legitimate reasons such as buying basic necessities
  • Only one person allowed per car, people leaving the house have to bring along a water/electricity bill to prove where they live
  • Non-compliance of measures will result in imprisonment

Philippines: Enhanced Community Quarantine extended from 12 April to 30 April

  • Mass gatherings are completely prohibited, all means of public transport is no longer allowed
  • All schools in all levels are temporarily prohibited to conduct classes and activities
  • Companies advised to implement work from home arrangement
  • Only a single person per household can go outside to buy basic necessities

South Korea: Social Distancing Measures extended from 20 April to 5 May

  • Compulsory guidelines have eased: government relaxing its recommendation for churches, nightlife establishments, gyms, and private academies to stay closed 

Japan: State of Emergency extended from 16 April to 6 May

  • Encouraged to limit unnecessary outings and work from home
  • Public schools are closed, and many private schools have followed suit; many schools are conducting e-learning
  • No strict laws or enforcement mechanisms 

India: Lockdown Measures extended from 20 April to 3 May

  • Only essential businesses, such as groceries and pharmacies, are allowed to remain open
  • City transport services are limited to emergency staff and those with special travel passes

Hong Kong: Social Distancing Measures extended from 23 April until 7 May 

  • Public gatherings of more than four people banned
  • Game centres, gyms, cinemas and other entertainment venues are closed
  • Schools have been closed since January, and many people are working from home

Indonesia: Partial Lockdown Measures from 10 April 

  • Gatherings of more than five people, religious and social events are banned
  • Restaurants are limited to online delivery orders and public transport is reduced
  • Mandatory use of masks
  • Violators face heavy fines and up to a year in jail for breaking the new rules

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