Read This If You’re Thinking of NOT Buying Travel Insurance For Your Next Trip

Read This If You’re Thinking of NOT Buying Travel Insurance For Your Next Trip

Planning to skip the travel insurance? You really shouldn't be doing that.

You are not the only one. Many people each year make the mistake of travelling without getting any travel insurance. There are many different reasons to this, and each is as terrible as the next. If you’re reading this, then good for you – you might just be saving yourself from making the biggest mistake of your life.

Let’s have a look at some of the common reasons why travellers fail to buy travel insurance.

“I simply forgot to get travel insurance.”

Forgetting about buying travel insurance is simply a no-no. Yes, maybe you’ve done it before or you almost certainly know someone who has. And perhaps they “got away” with it. But travel events are unpredictable. If you have forgotten before and now think that you don’t have to bother with travel insurance – think again. The simple act of arranging travel insurance before you go could save you a whole world of heartache and hassle later on. Buying travel insurance should be an essential part of your travel booking process.

“Nothing can possibly happen to me”

Accidents often occur when you least expect it. Even if you are going away for just a short period of time or not planning to do any activities that may pose a danger to you, travel insurance is still essential. There are plenty of things that are completely out of your control when you travel. For example, no matter how ‘in control’ you feel, you cannot control the weather, the natural environment and the actions of the people around you. Travel is usually safe and fortunately, disaster is relatively rare. But no one can predict when and where it will strike and you are no less likely to be struck than anyone else. You don’t want to wait till something happens before you start clamoring for financial help.

“Who needs plans?”

Perhaps you are the type of person who loves to travel by the seat of your pants. You might think that you can have more fun if you simply hit the road without any planning or preparation, and you love the excitement of spontaneity. While a degree of spontaneity is all well and good, you will find that a little bit of planning can go a long way. You can miss out a lot if you have not done a little bit of research. When you are travelling without a plan, things can just as often go incredibly wrong as incredibly right. Getting the right travel insurance in place can give you more freedom to try out the things you love, not less. If the worst happens on your trip, you will lose all your freedom and you will find your choices narrow dramatically.

“I’m worried about my budget!”

Unless you are incredibly lucky, you will always be on a limited budget when you travel. You might feel that the cost of travel insurance will take a large chunk from your travel budget that you could better use elsewhere: for your accommodation or for a little treat of some kind to make your experience that little bit better. But avoiding one small cost at the beginning of your trip to “save money” is ludicrous. If you get ill on your trip or meet an accident during your holiday, costs can quickly spiral out of control. Are you really willing to foot that massive bill? Remember that in the event of a disaster, you could be potentially costing yourself – and your family or friends – a fortune to get you medical care or to get you home. Don’t you think that small cost at the start is worth to save all that worry in the long term?

“Insurance is so hard to apply for”

When you work hard all the time and are looking forward to a relaxing holiday, the last thing you want to think about is filling up forms that span half a dozen pages. But you will be surprised at how simple and easy it is to get travel insurance. Just a few moments of your time filling up a simple electronic form before you travel could save you a whole world of hassle while you are away or when you get back. If you need medical care abroad and/or if you are repatriated then the paperwork and stress will mount up very, very quickly. No amount of hassle avoided before you travel could possibly make up for that. You will be amazed by the peace of mind travel insurance can give you.

“I am already covered by other insurance policies”

If you already have other insurance policies in place, there could be some overlap in coverage. However, having health, life or personal liability insurance does not render travel insurance redundant. Such policies may not cover typical travel emergencies such as flight delays, impromptu curtailment of trips, and baggage losses. On top of that, travel insurance also include many other coverages which you may not even realise can be insured for – like emergency phone charges and getting bumped off an overbooked flight.

So before your next holiday, just make sure that you are covered. With travel insurance, you can have a great holiday without any worries, and assure that you will get the help you need if the worst should happen. What it comes down to is this – you will probably be fine – but why risk it?

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