Fully Vaccinated Travellers Can Now Enjoy Barbados Without Quarantine

Fully Vaccinated Travellers Can Now Enjoy Barbados Without Quarantine

Pack your bathing suits, the Caribbean is calling!

In case you’ve always wanted to take a trip to the cool islands of the Caribbean and feel like you have it all to yourself, perhaps now is the perfect opportunity. Barbados, an independent British Commonwealth nation, has officially made it easier for fully vaccinated travellers to visit by lifting the quarantine requirements.

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Barbados lifts mandatory quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers

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On Tuesday, 16 Oct 2021, Barbados lifted its mandatory quarantine and second PCR test for all fully vaccinated travellers. 

In exchange for this ease in restrictions for incoming foreign tourists, the following procedure is to be strictly followed:

  1. Take a standard COVID-19 PCR test within three days prior to arrival in Barbados. 
  2. Download the BIMSafe App.
  3. Complete your travel form via the BIMSafe App. 
  4. Get your COVID-19 test result and vaccination certificate validated. Upload your PCR Test results in the app too. 
  5. Depart from your airport via approved transportation and enjoy Barbados!

Foreign tourists are considered fully vaccinated if they have received the recommended number of doses according to their vaccine for 14 days prior to travel. The accepted vaccines in Barbados are as follows: AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Sinovac, Sinopharm, and Sputnik V. 

According to the Barbados travel advisory, those who have mixed vaccine regimens approved by their Ministry of Health and Wellness will be considered fully vaccinated as well. Foreign tourists must also travel with a copy of their COVID-19 negative test result. 

PCR rapid tests, self-administered tests, and tests using saliva samples are not accepted.

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As of writing, Barbados has 15,588 recorded cases of COVID-19 in a population of just below 300,000. We highly suggest tourists wear a face mask at all times and observe proper sanitation measurements. If you want to read more about the quarantine considerations in Barbados, click here

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