Explore French Paintings Through Virtual Reality at Gardens by the Bay

Explore French Paintings Through Virtual Reality at Gardens by the Bay

Enter the magical world of French art!

Art connoisseurs, have you ever wondered what it’s like to actually live the scenes you see in beautiful French paintings? A Virtual Reality (VR) experience at Gardens by the Bay gives you the chance to walk into famous French paintings — so don’t miss this!

A part of the vOilah! French Festival, the technology-driven journey promises participants discovery, inspiration, and creation. The programme is designed to blend the French and Singaporean communities through culture, education, science, and lifestyle.

The event titled “A Virtual Voyage through Masterpieces” will host a total of four works of art. Visitors will embark on discovering these paintings through multi-sensory experiences and interactive activities. 

Which paintings will you be seeing?

French Painting Virtual Reality

Image credit: Fantasium Group

The first painting is “A Bar at Folies Bergere” by Édouard Manet. Visitors will “step inside a scene at the cabaret in Paris to have a chat with the wistful barmaid Suzon and discover Manet’s insights into the otherworldly haven”.

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They can then “take this contemplative virtual trip to France to relive a perpetual renewal of nature while enjoying Monet’s water lilies in his Giverny garden”. This painting is titled “The Water Lily Obsession” by Claude Monet.

French Painting

Image credit: Arte Distribution

As a part of their third VR experience “Gauguin’s Inner Journey” by Paul Gaugin, onlookers can “learn about Tahiti’s forgotten culture and religion”. The vibrant colours on the painting will lead visitors through the artists’ imagination. 

The fourth painting would be “The Isle of Dead” by Arnold Böcklin. Here, visitors can “discover the mysterious isle that inspired the Dali and Scorsese. A journey filled with poetry from another age, set to the symphony of Rachmaninov”. 

French Painting Virtual Reality

Image credit: Arte

The vOilah! Festival will run from 22 Oct 2020 to 22 Nov 2020. As a part of this festival, visitors can also enjoy food, art, music, and lifestyle experiences around various locations in Singapore. The VR experience with the French paintings will be open to visitors on 24, 25, 29, 30, 31 Oct 2020, and 1, 5, 6, 7,8 Nov 2020 at 60-minute intervals. 

Visit their website for more information. 

Are you ready to put on those berets and enter the magical world of French paintings through Virtual Reality?

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