France Eases COVID-19 Travel Restrictions On Seven Countries

France Eases COVID-19 Travel Restrictions for Seven Countries, Including Singapore

That’s one more country gearing towards reopening borders for travel!


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France’s foreign ministry announced on Thursday (11 March) their plans to some COVID-19 travel restrictions on international travel outside Europe. Travellers to or from Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Britain and Singapore would no longer need a significant reason to travel. 

France has decided to ease up on the restrictions given the improving health situation in these countries. 

Britain on the list of countries with eased travel restrictions

French Tourism Minister Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne cites the UK variant now also circulating widely in France as the reason why Britain has been added to the list as well.

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Despite these exciting plans, mandatory regulations will still remain in place. This includes a mandatory requirement for a negative Covid-19 test less than 72 hours before travel. In light of this exciting news, France’s foreign ministry stated how it still strongly recommends limiting international travel as much as possible. 

They also shared that other legitimate reasons for travel include individuals living abroad but who have children in school in France, couples with children abroad and in France, and those returning to their principal residence. 

The light at the end of the tunnel

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With Iata’s news of potential personal travel and now an easing of France’s COVID-19 travel restrictions, we are getting one step closer to travelling again! Nonetheless, it’s always important to remain safe and think twice before embarking on any overseas trips. Although COVID-19 hasn’t been eradicated, we’re getting better at dealing with prevailing circumstances. Here’s to receiving more good news in the future! 

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