12 Awkward Situations Every Female Traveller Must Handle

12 Awkward Situations Every Female Traveller Must Handle

Awkward situations can never escape us women even when we're travelling. I'm sure many of you can relate to this!

Although gentlemen might disagree, many of us ladies think that being a woman is very difficult. We get monthly visits of you-know-what, we have hormonal changes, mood swings, and the list goes on! Even when travelling, we have to face really challenging circumstances that are unique to us. So, without further ado, here are 12 awkward situations every female traveller must handle. See if you can relate to most, if not all of them!

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1. Getting your period in the middle of nowhere

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Imagine yourself going on a hike or having a great time at a beach. Then suddenly, your monthly visitor arrives to greet you hello! What do you do? PANIC. Once upon a time, I was travelling with my family and we were on the road for almost 24 hours. Out of the blue, it happened. I had no choice but to improvise while I was in the car with no restrooms or stores in sight and I didn’t bring any sanitary pads. Don’t ask me how I survived. Haha!

2. Thinking your period is OVER and you’re not wearing a pantyliner

Aha! Another deal-breaker. After going through the seven-day ordeal, you’re thinking “Yaaas! I’m free!” But you are wrong. Your monthly visitor decided to extend its stay and you’ve come unprepared once again. This must be the saddest story ever.

3. Running out of underwear

Have you gone on a five-day trip? How many panties did you pack? What would you do if you’ve ran out of underwear and you’re out camping? So what’s it going to be today? Side A or side B?

4. Wearing skimpy outfit and you can’t enter a temple

Let’s just say you visited a very conservative place but you forgot to research about proper attires. You find yourself outside a beautiful temple but oops! You’re wearing a sleeveless dress or a really short pair of shorts. Sometimes, I like to bring extra long skirts just in case I encounter a similar incident. It happened to me once and I definitely learned my lesson.

5. Forgetting to pack a strapless bra

You want to wear a tube dress or a cute tank top but you forgot to pack the essential strapless bra. I feel you, girl. I am the type of person who likes to plan out my daily outfits when I travel. It’s so frustrating when you’re already settled on wearing something at a particular day but you can’t because you forgot to bring the right undergarment.

6. Putting on makeup while commuting

Girls who wear makeup on a daily basis can definitely relate to this. I don’t mean full-on makeup; just brows, lipstick and maybe blush. But it gets frustrating when you have to leave earlier than scheduled because you’ll miss a ride or you have to go with a group tour. So what do you do? Apply makeup while commuting and alas! Your brows don’t match.

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7. Or wearing lip gloss with your hair untied on a windy day

Another makeup-related situation I hate is when I am wearing a lip gloss with my hair untied thinking that the weather would not be as windy. I’ve never been so wrong. Aside from getting your hair stuck on your lips, there’s the possibility of all other kinds of things sticking to your pout like chunks of sand. Been there, done that.

8. Accidentally wearing a flowing dress on a windy day

Is it wrong to want to feel comfortable while travelling? Flowing dresses are a hit among women because they’re easy to put on, are comfortable and effortless. Here comes the wind bursting your happy little bubble and carrying with it your dignity. Haha! Best wear a pair of shorts underneath that dress.

9. Forgetting to shave before wearing a bikini IYKWIM

So you’re a beach bum, eh? But you forgot one thing — shave! I don’t really want to go into the details; you already know what I mean.

10. Wearing an off-shoulder dress with a bikini tan line to a formal event

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We all know what comes after spending even just a few hours by the beach under extreme sunlight. Yes, tan lines. To some, tan lines are like souvenirs. When you have them, that means you’ve just had a great vacay at a tropical paradise. But what if you have to go to an event and you’re wearing an off-shoulder? Damn regret, right?

11. Breaking a heel

To be honest, who would wear a pair of heels while travelling? I don’t want to judge but I seldom ever bring heeled shoes with me because I think they’re not flexible. Still, if you like wearing heeled boots and whatnots, I’m sure it’ll be a nightmare to break a heel!

12. Travelling solo and getting awkward questions like “No boyfriend?”

This might not be the worst situation in the list but it definitely counts both as awkward and annoying. Just because I’m a woman and I’m alone, does not mean I don’t have a boyfriend. And just because I’m a woman, does not mean I have to have a boyfriend! Capiche?

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So ladies, which of these can you relate to?

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