TripZilla Excellence Awards

Winner: River Safari

Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park, River Safari features more than 7,500 aquatic and land creatures representing about 240 species, and more than 400 plant species. It is also home to the one of the world’s largest collections of freshwater animals! Within the park are different zones such as the Amazon Flooded Forest, where visitors can marvel at river natives such as manatees and giant river otters.

More than just a showcase of river-dwelling life, River Safari also hopes to inspire the appreciation of fragile freshwater ecosystem; threatened species such as the giant panda and the Mekong giant catfish live in them. To gain a better understanding of how magnificent these creatures are, and the importance of protecting them, check them out at the River Safari’s themed exhibits that mirror iconic rivers of the world from the Mississippi to the Amazon.

Get your river experience here.

80 Mandai Lake Road
+(65) 6269-3411