Vaccinated Travellers May Be Able to Visit the EU This Summer

EU Planning to Open Its Borders to Vaccinated Tourists This Summer

More reasons for fully vaccinated individuals to be thankful!

From enjoying the scenic views of Paris on top of the Eiffel Tower to sailing through Venice in a gondola, the EU has many aspects that travellers have dearly missed since the pandemic began. Well, the wait may soon be over. The EU, which includes countries like France, Italy, and Sweden, might be opening its borders to fully vaccinated travellers in June 2021. While the EU currently has a COVID-19 travel safe list comprising seven countries including Singapore and New Zealand, this move will allow more international travellers to visit the EU countries.

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The European Commission has proposed for the change in a bid to improve the tourism sector in the EU. This comes just in time for the summer, where they would typically be welcoming throngs of tourists to their shores. 

What does the new proposal mean for travellers to the EU?

Under the new change, travellers who have received their last dose of the vaccine 14 days prior to their arrival will be approved for non-essential travel. A “Digital Green Certificate” issued to vaccinated travellers will be used as proof of vaccination. However, a low local infection rate is also part of the criteria. The EU will still bar tourists from countries like the United States — which sees a daily average infection rate of almost 50,000 cases.

Apart from the above changes, the European Commission’s proposal also includes the addition of a safety measure: the “emergency brake”. The “emergency brake” allows member states to immediately defer travel from a non-EU country if the COVID-19 situation were to deteriorate.

Approval from EU member states

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That being said, all 27 member states will need to consent to the change to approve the proposal. The different EU states will begin discussions on Tuesday, 4 May 2021. The EU commission will then review the travel safe list every two weeks.

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This new proposal is obviously a major step towards the resumption of global travel and definitely a cause for celebration. Here’s to hoping the proposal is backed by all member states so more of us can look forward to a European getaway soon!

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