Essentials For Fuss-free Travel and Products to Protect Yourself Against COVID-19

Essentials For Fuss-free Travel and Products to Protect Yourself Against COVID-19

One of the most important tasks you could do for yourself before embarking on your travels is to ensure that you have properly packed all your travel essentials. Nobody enjoys being so far from home only to realise that certain items were left behind! Here is a list of the most important items that would make your travel comfortable. In addition to that, there are also products included that could help in protecting yourself against the COVID-19 virus as you travel.

1. Packing cubes

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While it might seem redundant, you would be surprised at how useful packing cubes can be during your travels. Not only will these cubes help keep your clothes and items in place while being packed in your bag, they also keep you organized outside of your luggage. Remove the cubes directly from your suitcase and keep it in your hotel dresser simply! 

2. Travel wallet

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One of the most important things you need to ensure to have while travelling is a travel wallet where you can keep all your important items like your passports and cards in one place! Having all your cards in one hand will definitely make you travel easier, without having to fumble around.  

3. Tech organizer

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If you are an avid user of tech items, a tech organizer is without a doubt an important travel essential for you. You could easily misplace your tiny thumb drive or your many wires but with a tech organizer, you can swiftly check if everything is in place.

4. Foldable bag

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Useful for all occasions, having a foldable bag will definitely make your travels fuss-free. Whether it be for when you are doing your grocery shopping or if you need an extra bag to keep your things, this bag that could be foldable and take little space is definitely practical.

5. Jewelry travel case

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If you are like me and love your accessories, having a jewelry travel case will make your packing so much more organized. Especially with smaller items like dainty necklaces and bracelets that could easily tangle with one another, keeping them could be a hassle. Having a compartmented pouch will definitely help!

6. Waterproof phone pouch

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Heading to the islands for a relaxing getaway and planning to spend as much time in the water? Then a waterproof phone case is a necessity! No need to indulge in an expensive waterproof camera. Instead, grab one of these waterproof cases and simply use your phone as per normal!

7. Noise cancelling headphones

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If you are sensitive to noise, noise cancelling headphones can be a lifesaver. Whether it be in a long flight or staying in a hostel, having a headphone that could save you the trouble of enduring the noise, will definitely make your travel better. Plus, who doesn’t want some good audio system that could play your vacation soundtrack as you explore someplace new?

8. Universal travel adapter 

Save yourself the money and hassle of finding a travel adapter by bringing it on your trip before getting there. Having a travel adapter makes it easier for you to charge up your electronics everywhere just as long as you can find a plug to fit it in! Travel adapters can be pricey and difficult to find especially if you are in an unfamiliar destination so make sure to keep this handy item with you beforehand.

9. Portable charger

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Make sure to keep yourself connected by keeping your electronics well charged. If you are a solo traveler, ensuring your phone is charged is extremely important so you can navigate your way around and get yourself from point A to point B safely!

10. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is always a must, especially if you are travelling during the summer or to a tropical country. Having sunburns is no fun, especially not when you are on vacation! Sunscreen also protects your skin from sun damage, something you don’t want to get while you are out exploring the world.

11. Dry shampoo

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Some days, travelling can really take a toll on you and by the time you get back from a day out, taking a shower and waiting for your hair to dry before sleep may seem like such a tedious task. Having dry shampoo on hand will definitely be handy so you can feel clean and fresh for a new day without tiring yourself. Plus, it’s always nice to spray some dry shampoo after a long haul flight to freshen yourself up too.

12. Microfiber towel

Waiting for a towel to dry before packing it back in your suitcase can take forever and if it is not dry enough, you could risk leaving your entire suitcase smelling foul. So why not pack a microfiber towel instead? These absorbent, soft and quick dry towels take lesser time to dry and will get you packing quickly and without issues.

13. Odor eliminators

Walking and exploring is definitely in everyone’s vacation plans. What we don’t think about as much is how much our shoes might smell after days of walking and exploration! So before you leave home, make sure to pack your odor eliminators to keep all your items smelling fresh!

Products to Protect You Against COVID-19

14. Disinfecting wipes & tissues

Make sure to keep disinfecting wipes and tissues on hand. With the virus still spreading, keeping the surfaces around you clean is imperative to ensure the safety of your health. Never a bad idea to be cautious!

15. Medicine bag

Always pack your medicines beforehands, whether it be for allergies or the like, it is always best to be safe. Before you feel sick, take your own precautions. Remember to also keep an immunity booster if you know that you are prone to allergies or sickness. Having your own medications on hand will make it so much easier for you to medicate yourself especially if you are travelling to a country where you do not speak the language.

16. Face mask


Even if you feel fine, putting on a medical face mask will definitely be a good step towards protecting yourself from the virus. Keep a couple in your bag so your bag so you can keep yourself safe and healthy on your vacation.

17. Hand sanitizer

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Of course, washing your hand with soap is the best course of action to take as a precaution. But since a sink and running water is not as readily available in every street corner, having hand sanitisers with you will definitely be useful. 

18. Travel insurance

By far, one of the most important travel essentials is having travel insurance. Especially in the current times, travelling can be expensive if you are not covered by insurance that could not only help you if you are deciding to retract your travel plans or if you contract the virus. Always ensure to have travel insurance before your travel for an extra step of safety!

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