Eatbox at Tekka Place: Artbox-Inspired Food Hall Opens on 3 Sep 2021

Eatbox at Tekka Place: Artbox-Inspired Food Hall Opens on 3 Sep 2021

Anything to remind us of the jubilant moments spent at the famous Thai night market. What will be your first meal at Eatbox?

Artbox was known to us as one of Thailand’s most famous night markets. With such immense popularity, it’s no surprise that Artbox eventually opened its doors in Singapore for the first time in 2019! However, Artbox Singapore operated only for a limited period of time as part of special events. Furthermore, due to a lack of visitors in Thailand and heightened restrictions in Singapore amid the COVID-19 pandemic, operations had to cease.

However, don’t fret because we’ve got some good news! A new food hall inspired by Artbox will be opening soon and we’re chuffed to bits! Eatbox is set to debut on 3 Sep 2021 in Tekka Place as a permanent food hall. People can visit the creative boutique and expect familiar street foods from the popular night market. 

Eatbox Tekka Place: A playground of Insta-worthy food and decor

As you might expect, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine are the centre of attention. Of course, you can also look forward to some Japanese and Chinese stalls, too! 

Most importantly, the beverage and dessert stalls set up at Eatbox Tekka Place are pretty cool! Expect classics like milk tea, gelato, pastries, and perhaps the most interesting one of all, You Tiao (deep fried dough fritters) with Muah Chee (bite-sized mochi coated with peanuts or sesame powder)! 

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Besides the 17 food stalls, guests can also expect a range of seating areas splashed with vibrant pops of colour. For instance, think neon lights, mosaic tiles, and corrugated metal counters — very much reminiscent of Artbox and American diners

Eatbox Tekka Place will be as much of a treat for your taste buds as it will be for your eyes! Talk about Insta-worthy moments to go with your meal!  

With restrictions around activities slowly easing, more of us are keen to seek new dining places. So, you could say that Eatbox has come at just the right time! Will you be making your way to Eatbox Tekka place anytime soon? (And this time, they’re here to stay for good!)  

Address: 2 Serangoon Road, Tekka Place, #01-55 to 59, Singapore 218227
Opening hours: Daily, 8am to 10.30pm

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