Love Cruises But Afraid to Sail? "Save Now, Sail Later" with 5 Reasons to Put Your Worries to Bed

Love Cruises But Afraid to Sail? “Save Now, Sail Later” with 5 Reasons to Put Your Worries to Bed

Keep calm and cruise on… another day.

Envision waking up to the sight of the glorious sun glistening above the horizon, golden petals stretching ever outwards into the rich blue while the gentle ocean breeze whispers like a lover, caressing your delicate cheek. You get on your day with a multitude of activities that await you onboard a premium cruise which is sure to satisfy your every whim and occasionally set foot on foreign shores to soak up the diverse cultures. 

This unique vacation could be a reality but the only thing stopping you from setting sail is the fear of the COVID-19 virus outbreak that has constantly been making the headlines — at the back of your mind that you can’t seem to shake off. Allowing yourself to be swept up by the panic will only keep you from living life to the fullest. 

Let us allay your distress and assure you that planning a cruise trip even in full consideration of the coronavirus is not at all petrifying. In fact, it could be an ideal respite from the epidemic which has spread unnecessary apprehension. Come along, you can be on your way to discover an indelible cruise experience. 

Embark on a transformational journey at sea with Dream Cruises’ Save Now, Sail Later promotion. With a plethora of itineraries around Southeast Asia between May and November 2020 to choose from, you can simply purchase cruise credits and decide on a date and destination according to your preference later on.

To avail yourself of this exciting deal, drop by the Dream Cruises Roadshow at Genting Centre from 19 to 20 March to get 50% discount on Genting Dream Cruise Credits, and these credits can even be used with the UOB 1-for-1 promotion  — incredible value for money, we must say! 

You will also walk away with a little gift, courtesy of the premier line offering bespoke hospitality to guests.

Save Now, Sail Later

Cut through the fog of uncertainty and misinformation, here are five reasons why you can and should start planning for your next cruise ahead of time!

Save now, sail later!

You are yearning for a vacay but there is so much uncertainty going around at the moment. Dream Cruises understands the predicament plaguing you, hence why it has come up with an innovative solution that is sure to be advantageous to you.

With their Save Now, Sail Later promotion, you can purchase Genting Dream cruise credits slashed by a staggering 50%, to be utilised to embark on a voyage another time when the situation gets more under control. That means that you don’t have to commit to a cruise date immediately. What’s even better is that it can even be tied in with other Genting Dream promotions so that you get to enjoy more savings!

Currently, Dream Cruises offer sailings of short travel durations with ports-of-call of close proximity to Singapore between May and November. This means that you can explore hidden gems, enjoy delicious street food, shop til you drop and most importantly destress and unwind from the humdrum of everyday life — while putting the niggling gloomy situation in the past, because there is no reason for you to be on tenterhooks. 

The 2-night Bintan Island Weekend Getaway is your best bet to leave your worries behind! At Treasure Bay Bintan, a plethora of fun-filled activities await you. An adventure playground with its man-made lagoon equivalent to the size of 50-Olympic size swimming pools is perfect for your electrifying recreational pursuits. Work out those knots in your body at the hand of nimble-fingered therapists while you inhale the briny aroma and pay attention to the rhythmic waves lap the shore – reinvigorating your spirit. Wrap up your eventful day by treating yourself to some goodies at the shopping precinct environed by lush rainforest.  

boats docked at an island in thailand

Image credit: Andrzej Suwara

If you wish to venture somewhere further then the 3-night Wonder of Phuket itinerary is a better option. Among the world’s most resplendent beach destinations, Phuket — with its dramatic karst topography, shimmering turquoise waters, nodding palm trees, bustling towns enveloped in local heritage and the distinct flavours of Thai cuisine — will have you indulging in the ultimate beach vacation stress-free!

Going on a cruise also means that you do not have to worry about the logistics of your vacation. You get to enjoy an idyllic retreat sans dealing with the inconveniences of local hotels, transportation and lineup of programs. You won’t get lost trying to locate your hotel or get trapped in a massive traffic snarl-up. What’s even better is that a cruise is a bang for your buck. You get maximum value from the meagre amount of money you fork out. 

Ready for a cruise jam-packed with adventure and a whole lotta fun? Purchase your cruise credits with the Save Now, Sail Later promotion that is ongoing. Lock in the low fares now and decide on a date and destination to sail to in time to come. You do not have to commit to a cruise date immediately!

Browse cruise itineraries and dates

It’s time for you to invest in travel and reap the worthwhile returns — even better when it’s for just a fraction of the cost!

Dream Cruises observes a stringent code of hygiene and safety, along with precautionary measures

Chances are that you have heard of the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’. It is inherent within Genting Dream’s relentless efforts to safeguard the well-being of guests and crew members. With preventive measures implemented, you can embark on your journey smiling as the carefree feeling permeates your senses.

If you are concerned that you risk exposing yourself to the virus, fret not because any likelihood of it happening will be eliminated. The cruise has prohibited any persons and their family members who have travelled from, to, or through Mainland China, with confirmed cases, in quarantine with suspected cases and with fever or other related COVID-19 symptoms, along with those whose passports are issued from People’s Republic of China (PRC).

It doesn’t stop there. It will impose daily temperature checks for crew members, who are also required to don surgical face masks and disposable gloves so that they can be at your service any time of the day. This is on top of mandatory health and temperature screening for all embarking guests and crew members before every sailing. 

In addition to that, Dream Cruises will spare no effort in sanitising the premises to ensure satisfactory levels of public hygiene. Common contact surfaces will be regularly  and meticulously disinfected, and ventilation will be improved to allow the flow of fresh air. You can also avail yourself to the hand sanitisers that will be strategically placed throughout the vast ship. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, a team of medical professionals will strive to provide high quality primary and immediate care.

restaurant on genting dream

Image credit: Dream Cruises

Even The Palace — a luxury ‘ship’ within the ship boasting private facilities which encompasses a swimming pool, gym and dining venues offering the most discerning guests unparalleled luxury and solitude — is not pretermitted from the scrutiny Dream Cruise upholds. You can put your feet up at your own private sanctuary nonchalantly with peace of mind.

restaurant on genting dream

Image credit: Dream Cruises

What’s more, you can dine in at Genting Dream’s multifarious restaurants and bars — with its unsurpassed food, convivial atmosphere and genial service to boot — to your heart’s content blithely. Dream Cruises goes the extra mile to intensify hygienic food handling practices. For instance, food tongs and serving spoons are kept in the sneeze guard area and changed frequently. The only thing that you will have to think about is what food to order from the extensive menu. 

The cherry on top of any quintessential holiday is a rejuvenating massage to elevate your state of being. It’s no different for a cruise vacation. At Crystal Life Spa, you will be whisked away to a pleasant, soothing ambience where vitality permeates and the practiced skills of therapists and the calibre of holistic treatments come into play. You can catch more of those valuable Z’s as Dream Cruises will carry out multiple procedures to achieve its objectives of safeguarding the wellbeing of patrons so that you can indulge in the professional services aimed at renewing the body, mind & spirit worry-free. 

Break free from worrying excessively with these mythbusters

a person using sanitiser

Image credit: Kelly Sikkema

When ill-informed, emotions like trepidation start to creep in, hence why it is imperative for you to keep yourself in the know of the situation and understand the facts surrounding COVID-19, such as its symptoms, how it’s transmitted and its public health impacts.

According to the World Health Organisation, the risk of contracting COVID-19 for most people in most locations is low. The main factor determining the risk is where you are — more specifically, whether there is a COVID-19 outbreak unravelling there. Rest assured that the risk of catching the virus onboard is negligible as Dream Cruises is prudent in ensuring that it steers clear from countries that have become the hotspots for the novel coronavirus. 

While it is inevitable to worry about the outbreak, bear in mind that so long as you take the recommended precautions, you’re likely to remain safe and healthy. Capture those anxiety-inducing thoughts and channel them into actions to protect you and your loved ones instead. Practise scrupulous hand washing and good respiratory hygiene. Let your worries ebb away and leave it to Dream Cruises to ensure that you will only be going back with pictures that are conduits to your best memories.

All passengers who disembarked from a cruise ship in Singapore found to be well

cruise passengers at marina bay cruise centre

Image credit: Visit Singapore

As a matter of fact, Singapore declared that none of the passengers and crew on board a cruise that recently docked on our shores manifested any symptoms of respiratory illness. 

Disembarking passengers were subjected to thermal and visual screenings while those who travelled to regions most affected by the coronavirus outbreak underwent enhanced screenings. They were individually certified fit for travel by doctors and remained on board the vessel before being taken directly to the airport for their outbound flight. 

It is beyond doubt that Singapore is always on guard and punctilious when dealing with the situation. We can at least heave a sigh of relief. 

Singapore leaves no stone unturned to handle the outbreak

infrared temperature screening

Image credit: DFID

If you have been keeping yourself abreast with the latest situation report, you will be cognizant of Singapore’s relatively low number and rate of infections, especially seeing how the situation has rapidly blown up in other countries. How is it possible even though our island is a tiny red dot on the world map?

Well, Singapore has upped its game and taken a more proactive approach to contain the outbreak. Its robust contact tracing system in place helps to expeditiously zero in on clusters of local transmission by identifying those who have come into contact with the confirmed cases and have them quarantined and tested swiftly. Singapore’s all-of-society, all-of-government efforts to tackle the outbreak has won plaudits from the World Health Organisation (WHO). WHO even went on to encourage other countries to follow suit. 

Isn’t that enough to entrust our safety and well-being in the hands of our competent multi-ministry task force on the frontline of the virus? It speaks volumes that we can continue our daily lives without facing a very real possibility that a passerby may be a carrier of the virus. Despite the understandable temptation to fall into despair, the outlook remains bright, as we will rise up from COVID-19 together as a stronger, more united, and better nation.

You can head down to Genting Centre from 19 to 20 March to find out more why you should reconsider a cruise with Genting Dream for your next vacation. The 50% discount on cruise credits — which you can purchase at the roadshow — is something you wouldn’t want to miss. What’s more, these credits can even be used with UOB’s 1-for-1 promotion!

Save Now, Sail Later

Having shed light on the actualities, you will grasp why locking in your cruise vacation now is the best choice for you to finally let loose after all these blows over. There’s something alluring about being out on the tranquil sea, enjoying a cocktail in hand on deck. The only way for you to experience it is to plan a cruise trip with Dream Cruises — you will be in safe hands. 

Brought to you by Dream Cruises.

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