Travelling in December: 8 Money Hacks You Should Know!

Travelling in December: 8 Money-Saving Hacks You Should Know

Travelling in December doesn't have to be expensive. Just follow these tips!

At long last! The end of the year is approaching and travellers from all over the world are at the edge of their seats just waiting to book that travel deal for the best December holiday yet. After all, it’s the time to experience snow, gorge on mouth-watering food, reunite and bond with those close to your heart to celebrate the yuletide season.

We know, we know — it’s easier said than done, especially when you’re thinking of the expenses you’ll procure with one booking after another. But there are better ways to go about such a feat, and we’re here to help. Check out these money hacks to help you save for your dream December holiday!

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1. Make your #budgetgoals happen

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Hold your horses! It’s useless to have #travelgoals if you can’t even see your #budgetgoals through. You don’t have to go to extreme lengths just to save up, but you need to have a budget in mind — and stick to it. As your December holiday is only a few months away, limit your expenses until then — calculate and track how much you should be spending before December. 

It also helps to plan the amount you’re going to spend on the trip itself. Gauge how much you can afford to spend on flights, accommodation, souvenirs, food and so on. Make a cost breakdown — on a spreadsheet if need be — so that it can act as your check and balance when you’re finally cruising on your holiday. With a little bit of effort and self-discipline, you’re going to make both #budgetgoals and #travelgoals happen. Talk about a feel-good Christmas! 

2. Stay with a friend or family in your destination

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There’s no shame in staying with a dear friend or family member when overseas to save money — especially when it’s the Christmas season. We’re pretty sure your loved ones would welcome you with open arms to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up and let laughter fill the air as you feast on hearty comfort food.

In exchange for the hospitality, take it upon yourself to help out with chores like washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, and maybe even shopping for groceries. Simple things like these are also what make a stay feel like a home away from home. Travelling in December doesn’t have to feel lonely!

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3. Keep a lookout for airfare sales

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Don’t stop with (hopefully) free accommodation. Being alert for seat sales is another e golden rule for all travellers looking for more convenient alternatives. You might be wondering why this tip never gets old. Well, the answer is simple: it’s a tried and tested hack. 

When you manage to book cheap flights, it allows you to allot more budget to other activities that might have piqued your interest: shopping, day tours, outdoor sports — maybe even a posh accommodation you’ve been eyeing. Staying on a lookout for seat sales may sound tedious as you may have to check booking sites and newsletters regularly while planning your holiday, but in exchange for saving a substantial amount of money, it’s well worth it.

In fact, to save you the trouble, we have the airfare sale right here for you! Clinch affordable round trips with Thai Airways to over 30 destinations around the world. The promotion lasts until 15 October 2019, for flights from now to 31 March 2020.

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4. Arm yourself with the right credit card

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If you don’t have one yet, travelling in December may be the best time for you to get a travel-centric credit card. 

A credit card geared towards travellers can go a long way in helping you save during Christmas season, from discounts, cashback, rebates and even exclusive privileges and rewards — often with major travel operators like Agoda and Expedia. Of course, let’s not forget — you can accumulate miles to land free flights and hotel stays! 

Sometimes, you may not even need a credit card specifically catered for frequent travellers — get an additional 5% off your airfares when you book with Thai Airways using your Mastercard!

5% off flights with Mastercard

5. Pack light to avoid excess baggage fee

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This is a challenge that plagues every traveller before their trip, but brings immense satisfaction when you achieve it. Do you think you can do it? Of course you can! 

There’s no need to pack your wardrobe in your suitcase. Doing your laundry when you travel is actually a useful practice that isn’t as common as it should be — especially if you need to pack bulky winter clothes while travelling in December.  Laundering allows you to pack fewer garments that you need for rotation while helping you feel neat and fresh at the same time. Don’t forget to bring travel-sized laundry detergent with you!

Another packing tip is to keep your luggage spacious on your outbound flight so that you’ll have enough room to pack your souvenirs and other spoils on the return trip. It’s always a letdown when you think your suitcase weighs just below the limit, only to find out you need to pay for excess baggage fee. It costs way more at the weigh-in than if you purchased it as an add-on during booking, by the way. Don’t let all that effort in stuffing everything in your bag go to waste!

6. Don’t forget to pack the essentials

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While we advocate travelling light, you should still pack items you already own instead of buying new ones at your destination, especially if they’re highly portable. Your electronic chargers, universal adaptors and medication — these are all important items that are must-haves for your trip, but are just as easily forgotten or misplaced. Not only is it a hassle to hunt down these items, but they might also even be more expensive there! 

Nobody wants to deal with the situation of having your mobile phone run out of battery in a foreign land. It hurts just thinking about it, doesn’t it? Never forget to pack your essentials, so you don’t have to unnecessarily spend more money, time, and energy for something a second time.

7. Keep away from luxurious temptations

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While the Christmas season is all the encouragement you need to splurge on all the awesome year-end gifts you want to reward yourselves with, those newly released sneakers and handbags can wait. Temptation and impulse often lead to regretful decisions. Who knows, you might soon be receiving them as presents!

What’s more, if the item you’re after is not in limited stock, chances are their prices will fall when the New Year comes, as retailers seek to clear their excess inventories from the previous season. All you need to do is muster a little more patience for that price drop to come. 

Meanwhile, do yourself a favour and spend your time doing something more productive, like bonding with your family on the holidays — or even looking for locally exclusive items that you can resell in your country for a profit! 

8. Decide ahead on which souvenirs to buy

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In the same way that you ought to refrain from buying luxurious items, you should also be thorough in researching ahead on your destination’s staple souvenirs. Trust me, they can make or break the bank. Once you’ve acquired a ballpark figure of how much the souvenirs cost, it’s easier to prioritise which ones to buy within your budget. This will also prevent you from feeling pressured to buy everything on display. 

We don’t really encourage spontaneity when you’re trying to save up during your travels, especially when you’re travelling in December. In fact, souvenir prices also hike up this month, which is why it’s important to research ahead! 

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It may only be September right now, but you can get a headstart on planning your December holiday by checking out airfare sales early. Remember, just because you’re travelling in December doesn’t mean you’re bound to overspend. Keep our tips in mind to keep your expenses controlled and within your sanity. We’re rooting for you!

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With a travel period lasting until 31 March 2020, it looks like you can even extend the Christmas spirit into the New Year! No time to waste, select your preferred flights now!

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