FLASH SALE: Up to 25% OFF Scoot Flights to Bangkok, Tokyo & More with DBS/POSB Cards!

FLASH SALE: Up to 25% OFF Scoot Flights to Bangkok, Tokyo & More with DBS/POSB Cards!

Hurry and book your tickets before the flash sale ends on 8th July 2018!

Let’s face it – with endless 40-something-hour work weeks, the torrid humidity of summer and city crowds, we all need to seek respite away from home every once in a awhile. Whether you’re dreaming of your next beach escapade or nature getaway, you’re in luck: DBS/POSB is back with another sizzling promotion in conjunction with Scoot!


With 20% off selected Fly and Scootbiz fares and 25% off selected FlyBag and FlyBagEat fares, you can now say hello to more savings for your plane tickets and more indulgence during your vacation.

Simply use the promo code <ILOVEDBS> between 6 July 2018 (1000 +8 GMT) and 8 July 2018 (2359 +8 GMT) and get more bang for your buck when you travel with Scoot*! This is promotion is exclusive to DBS/POSB cardmembers only, so whip out your cards and start booking!

*Terms and conditions and blackout dates apply.

With 45 different destinations for you to choose from, you’ll be thoroughly spoilt for choice. But don’t worry –  we’ve curated a list of our favourite getaway spots that’ll hopefully inspire you take that leap of faith and Scoot away, leaving your worries behind. What’s more, this exclusive flash sale discount is only available for 3 days, which means there’s no time to lose! Get booking right away.

1. Bangkok, Thailand

You’ve had your fill of weekend markets, bargain shopping and soothing massages; what else could you get up to, to justify your nth visit to Bangkok? The answer is so much more.

Sneak into ghost buildings like the I.C. Tower for one-of-a-kind Instagram pictures, squirm at the sight of preserved bodies with various anomalies at the Bangkok Forensic Museum, or perhaps embrace the rustic side of Bangkok with a day trip to Samut Songkhram, a kampong of locals with a slew of traditional activities in store for you.

Apart from being an extremely affordable, indulgent vacation destination, Bangkok is steeped in culture and unconventional things to do, if one cares to venture out of their comfort zone. Keep your bahts out of animal cafes; volunteering at Bangkok’s dog shelters is a much more meaningful experience.

Travel period: by 15th November 2018

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2. Harbin, China

Image credit: Felix Guan

Harbin is synonymous with winter holiday destinations, and for good reason. Its chilly winters, ice and snow sculptures, plethora of winter sports and captivating architecture are why throngs flock to Northeast China to escape their tropical climates.

What comes as a surprise for tourists is Harbin’s appeal outside of winter. Come summer, the local population takes full advantage of the warmer (but not stickier!) weather to set up barbecue tents and have beer at almost every conceivable corner (check out the student zone for especially cheap drinks and a lively atmosphere). Sun Island is also a gorgeous paradise of clear lakes, vivid blooms and lush gardens perfect for an afternoon stroll.

Don’t forget the Siberian Tiger Park – the sight of these majestic beasts roaming freely as you watch them up close from the confines of your buses and in select protected areas is truly eye-opening. If you’re brave enough, watch or even take part in the feeding of the big cats!

Travel period: by 15 December 2018 or from 1 to 30 March 2019

Is the tropical heat driving you insane? An escape to the more welcoming temperatures of China’s Ice City awaits you!

Skip the unforgiving summer and book a flight to Harbin between 6 to 8 July 2018 with the promo code <ILOVEDBS> to enjoy up to 25% OFF your airfare*, exclusive to DBS/POSB cardmembers only!

*Terms and conditions and blackout dates apply.

3. Tokyo, Japan

Ah, Tokyo. One visit is never enough with its impeccably clean streets, unbelievable shopping, ambrosial delights and awesome toilets. Even after checking off the world’s only Disneysea, the bustling shopping districts of Ginza, Shibuya, Harajuku and the like, as well as gaming your heart out at the unassuming Anata No Warehouse off your list of things to do, Tokyo’s surprises are endless.

When you’re looking for a change away from your usual ramen booths and sushi bars, try out Tokyo’s plethora of unconventional food stops such as the macabre Vampire Cafe, the psychedelic Fantasy Dining Alice in a Labyrinth or even a maid cafe. For a blast to the past, cosplay as your favourite go-kart character and go speeding down the streets with your friends in a race to the finish line with Akiba Karts. If you’re a true blue Studio Ghibli stan, then you can’t miss out on the fairytale views along the Yakushima Hike after you’ve been to Ghibli Museum – especially if Princess Mononoke was one of your favourite films.

Travel period: by 15 November 2018

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4. Malé, Maldives

If you’d rather be lounging on faraway beaches, swimming amongst colourful fishes and sipping on cocktails instead of being stuck at an office desk, Malé is the holiday destination for you. Get yourself acquainted with the city on one of the many walking tours to see the traditional Fish Market, Fruit and Vegetable Market, the President’ Palace, the Islami Markaz Mosque as well as the Sultan’s Park.

When you’re ready to leave the city, it’s time to frolic around at the neighbouring islands! The tranquil lagoon of Meeru makes for the perfect spot for non-motorised water sports, such as kayaking, windsurfing and catamaran sailing for all levels of enthusiasts. The Atolls of the Maldives are heaven for its calm waves just right for the surf of a lifetime, and scuba diving with whale sharks. When in Malé, don’t be afraid to let your worries float away as you chill out on its fantastic islands!

Travel period: by 31 October 2018

Visiting the dreamy and idyllic paradise of Maldives is no longer a far-fetched dream, thanks to affordable flight fares via Scoot! This promotional deal is exclusive to DBS/POSB cardholders only, so if you’re a DBS/POSB cardholder, you’re in luck!

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*Terms and conditions and blackout dates still apply.

5. Athens, Greece

Welcome to the home of Greek mythology! Admire the ancient ruins of Greece starting from the Acropolis of Athens and its relics at the modern Acropolis Museum, as well as its historical architecture – the most famous being the Parthenon – dedicated to the goddess Athena. Athens houses many architectural glories of ancient Greece, so don’t be shy to linger around different monuments just to soak in the rich and fascinating history.

Home to stunning Byzantine and Orthodox churches with incredible exteriors and interiors, the Church of Agioi Theodoroi, Church of Panagia Kapnikarea, and more are worth a visit. You should also make a visit to Plaka, a quaint village neighbourhood lined with tiny shops selling local crafts and clothes, as well as sidewalk cafés that open till late. Otherwise, the tiny village of Anafiotika also offers incredible views of the city below away from the crowds.

If it’s sunny out, then change into your swimwear and head to Poros Island’s Askeli Beach for a day of suntanning and beach volleyball.

Travel period: by 15th March 2019

6. Berlin, Germany

Ready for old-school city experiences? Pay homage to Berlin’s Jewish history on the grounds of the Holocaust Memorial, Neue Synagogue and the Jüdisches Museum. Then embrace the luxury of space and hunt down bargains in Mauer Park, where massive flea markets are held on Sundays, selling just about everything under the sun. When you’re done milling around and sampling authentic German food, a visit to the Reichstag provides the perfect overview of the city.

Walk along the Berlin Wall, conquer the Berlin Zoo and lose yourself in lively Kreuberg. And if you need some time away from cobbled streets and fancy shops, how about a picnic and stroll through the unruffled Grunewald Forest? There’s plenty to explore in this age-old charming city.

Travel period: by 15th March 2019

If you’re not a minimalist packer, preparing for long-haul flights to places like Berlin can be the bane of your existence (and wallet). But it doesn’t have to be that bad. Sign yourself up for an extra 20kg checked baggage allowance and the option of having a hot meal when you fly with Scoot! With 25% OFF for FlyBag and FlyBagEat fares, comfort on long-haul flights just got a lot more affordable.

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*Terms and conditions and blackout dates still apply.   

7. Honolulu, Hawaii

Say aloha to the robust Hawaiian culture that’s everywhere you go on the island state! Get your hands on your very first fresh lei (flower garland) after a visit to the Royal Hawaiian Center, and kickstart your adventures with refreshing poké bowls and succulent buttered garlic prawns on the North Shore. Come evening, head to Kaena Point for a spectacular view of the star-studded sky featuring the Milky Way, and the constellations of Orion and Ursa Major just to name a few.

Honolulu’s majestic beaches and natural landscapes should also be top of your list. Get that iconic Instagram shot on the sands of Waikiki Beach, surf in the surrounding waters of Oahu Island, or plummet into the depths of the turquoise seas at Spitting Cave. Hikers, be sure to make the trek up Diamond Head and find yourself in awe of the billowing ocean waves and the boundless views of Honolulu.

Travel period: by 15 November 2018

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