Cyprus to Pay Holiday Cost for COVID-19 Infected Tourists

Cyprus to Pay Cost of Holiday for Tourists Who Contract COVID-19 While Visiting

Cyprus will cover the costs of accommodation, medicine and food for any travellers who test positive for the virus after stepping foot into the island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

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Cyprus offers to foot the bill of holidaymakers who contract COVID-19 in Cyprus while vacationing in the country. It will cover the costs of accommodation, medicine and food for any travellers who test positive for the virus after entering the island.

Reportedly, tourists will only have to fork out money for their airport transfer and return flight.

Additionally, Cyprus will dedicate a hospital with 100 beds to treat foreign patients. Authorities will arrange extra beds when the need arises. It also plans to put forward an additional 112 intensive care units for those who develop critical or serious illness. 

The government will also block several hotels to serve as a quarantine lodging for family members and those who come in close contact with the infected person.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the tourism industry of Cyprus on the brink of collapse as global travel halted. This measure aims to revive its economy by attracting visitors back. 

According to government data, nearly 4 million tourists visited Cyprus in 2019 raking in revenues of 2.7 billion euros.

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Number of COVID-19 cases in Cyprus

Cyprus has recorded 985 COVID-19 infections and 18 deaths till date.  

It has since welcomed its first tourists after nearly three months of coronavirus lockdown on Tuesday with flights scheduled from Israel, Greece and Bulgaria.

The government mentioned that its ratio of intensive care unit beds per 100,000 people was higher than the EU average. Also, it has recorded far fewer coronavirus cases as compared to other densely-populated European countries. More than 10% of Cyprus’s 1.17 million population have undergone a COVID-19 swab test.

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