Why Couples Who Travel Together Are Not Your Average Couples

Why Couples Who Travel Together Are Not Your Average Couples

Do you and your significant other travel a lot together? You can probably relate to these things not experienced by the average couple!

Do you and your significant other love travelling together? If you do and the both of you are constantly on the road, exploring new places every few months or so, then you can probably relate to these awesome traits that differentiate travelling couples from those who don’t.

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You argue about whose itinerary to follow

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Should you go and follow an adrenaline-pumping itinerary or one that involved visiting museums and historical attractions within the city? Regardless of how you decide to explore a new place, you always find a way to reach a compromise so you can do what you both want to.

Your best date was spent eating street food

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Getting introduced to street food is one of the best ways to immerse in local culture and, somehow, you’ve found it to be an enjoyable experience for the both of you. There’s no need to dress up in fancy clothes because the streets are simply where you are headed for a date.

Your savings are spent on plane tickets instead of home renovations

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You have probably considered saving up for your wedding, your house, your car or even your baby but somehow the plans just get postponed. You smile at each other anyway when you’ve booked plane tickets or bought travel gears.

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You’ve had days where you were together 24/7

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Even married couples have their hours off from each other but you and your special someone have had days or, gasp(!) weeks, where you had no one but each other as constant company.

You’ve seen the worse of the worst in each other

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It’s normal for couples to go through fights but what makes yours different is that you’ve tried having arguments on the road. Who made the wrong turn? Who failed to book a room? Who didn’t haggle with the driver? There’s no escaping the other person but even though you have your differences, you make it work out between the two of you at the end of the day.

Your “couple tattoo” are tanned skins

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Yes, you may have gotten a matching tattoo or two from that awesome local artist you found in the new city. However, your proudest badge of honour is your uneven tan that shows how much time you’ve spent together on the beach — or wherever it was you decided to stroll around.

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You no longer dread facing each other’s morning breath

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Who cares about morning breath? You’ve probably spent days seeing each other in the same set of clothes or even butt-naked as you worked your way around backpacker dorm rooms with shared bathrooms.

Your photos of each other have different cities in the background

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Most couple photos are usually one where they are wearing fancy clothes but yours are entirely different. You come dressed in the most casual outfit with different cities or attractions in the background.

Your favourite birthday presents are passport stamps

couples who travel togetherImage credit: Leo Hidalgo

Instead of giving out expensive jewellery, your favourite birthday (or anniversary) present for each other are plane tickets, which you also compile in a scrapbook, so you can help grow each other’s “collection” of passport stamps.

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Can you relate to these situations? What makes you and your significant other different from the average couple?

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