'Coronaphobia' Is a Must-Watch COVID-19 Film in the Philippines

More Than a Fear, ‘Coronaphobia’ Is Actually a Film in the Philippines

It's one of a few local films written, shot, and produced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through all that has transpired because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fact remains that a lot of people insist that it’s nothing more than a hoax. One that various governments and medical institutions conspired for absurd reasons. It’s not just the United States of America, where notorious anti-maskers, or people who protest against wearing masks, thrive. But other parts of the world, too. In the Philippines, the same case is so prevalent that a COVID-19 film materialised based precisely on this premise.

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What the COVID-19 film’s about

Coronaphobia is about four broke tourists who have been stranded in Manila due to COVID-19 travel restrictions in the country. “It is a gripping cautionary tale for people who still don’t believe that the #Covid19 threat is real. It is a reminder to not let our fears overcome our sense of compassion and humanity for each other,” NDM Studios, which produced the COVID-19 film, said on its official Facebook page.

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According to the studio, Coronaphobia is one of the few films written, shot, and produced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Written and directed by Filipino filmmaker Njel de Mesa, who specialises in suspense thriller movies, the full-length feature discusses the economic, psychological, and sociological impacts of COVID-19, at least from the perspective of Filipinos or those in the Philippines.

The proudly Filipino film shines the spotlight on Philippine actors Daiana Menezes, Will Devaughn, Cay Kuijpers, and Tommie King. There’s also special participation of Paolo Paraiso, Marq Dollentes, AlynnaVelasquez, and many more. It hopes to entertain fans of the horror-thriller genre while highlighting key COVID-19 issues in the Philippines. These include the widespread sharing of fake news and prolonged isolation.

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The very relatable storyline

While stuck in Manila, the four tourists run out of money to make it back to their home countries. “With the help of a disgruntled receptionist, they hatch a hasty but simple heist to rob a building near their hotel. Thinking that the building is empty due to the ongoing Community Quarantine imposed by the government, they find the resolve to go through with the plan — armed with nothing,” read Coronaphobia’s description on IMDB.

“Little did they know, there’s a building custodian who has been stuck there for over six months — all alone and with a bad case of cabin fever. Fed with so much fake news, the janitor is paranoid and exceedingly afraid of human interaction. The terrified tourists quickly realise that they cannot reason with the janitor who is out to eliminate them in a game of cat-and-mouse.” it added.

Watch the official full international trailer of the COVID-19 film, Coronaphobia, below:

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