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Be inspired by some of our favourite travellers

Brock and Tangerine

Brock and Tangerine are husband and wife, who documents their life and travels at A Travelogue by Brock and Tanj. They have been expats for the last 10 years, and have lived in 4 countries across 3 continents with dogs in tow. Currently, they are on a mission to see 100 countries and are halfway there!

Bryan Lim
Bryan Lim

Bryan is the author of The More I Travel. He shares his travel writings and photography with individuals from all over the world. He travels for food, culture and view of the world. His favourite travel philosophy is 'Travel for the Journey, not the Destination'.

Celine Chiam
Celine Chiam 

Celine Chiam is a lifestyle blogger who blogs more than just travel and product reviews. A fan of photography, she's always experimenting with her camera, adding life and colours to her posts. To discover great travelling tips and read her travelogues, follow Celine on blog and Instagram

Chua TianHao
Chua Tianhao

Besides the usual destinations, Tian Hao seek to explore places where few would venture. On top of sharing his travel experiences to inspire you, Tian Hao provide travel tips as well. Follow him on his blog and facebook page.

Eileen Fong

Eileen Fong is a Singaporean explorer who lived in UK for 5 years during an important phase of life. There, she was exposed to different cultures around the world, thus nurturing her passion for travel and exploration. She now pens her stories on her site, Peregrinate with me, to encourage fellow travellers to venture out of their comfort zones and see the beauty of places.

 Jaclynn Seah

Jaclynn Seah is The Occasional Traveller, a Singaporean girl with a full-time day job who loves to travel. She hopes to encourage fellow working professionals and deskbound wanderlusters like herself to get out, travel more, and not get bogged down by the paper chase. She is always looking forward to that next trip! Check out her blog or follow her on Facebook, twitter and instagram.

Kat Goh

Wordsmith by trade. Photographer at heart. Kat Goh travels around the world to feed her soul and tells stories as seen through her eyes and heart. Follow Kat on her blogphoto journalTwitter and Instagram.

Redzuan Rahmat

Redzuan Rahmat is a travel fanatic who yearns to see everything and experience everything, Red loves visiting unusual destinations and is equally comfortable getting lost in museums, mountains and malls. He spends his spare time obsessing about his next trip, usually to some remote corner of the world. He blogs about his adventures & misadventures on The Furious Panda.

Wu Swee Ong
Wu Swee Ong

Off-the-beaten-path destinations. Beautiful places. Swee Ong pursues his passion for travel and photography with half a budget but all his heart. Aside from sharing his images, he shares his stories as well as recommended destinations of his travels around the world, through Roving Light and his Instagram.