Cebu Pacific Halal Food & Why It's Friendly for EVERYONE

Here’s Why I Think this Airline’s Food Selection is Friendly for EVERYONE

Have a more enjoyable flight with these mouthwatering meals!

Kain tayo” — in English, “Let’s eat.”

It doesn’t matter whether you’re family or a stranger. If you happen to pass by a Filipino during mealtime, you’ll most likely be invited to eat.

In the Philippines, I’ve learned that food plays a major role in our culture of hospitality. Our food sends a message of acceptance and familiarity — both concepts comparable to the common traveller’s desire to find home wherever he or she is. I liken food to travelling mainly because it was my latest trip to Cebu that prompted me to think about our value for food. But here’s the catch: the reminder came from a place I least expected it would come from — in an airplane.

cebu pacific halal food

Image credit: Psalm Ramos

Honestly, I hadn’t given in-flight meals much thought until my flight with Cebu Pacific. Because of some bad encounters I’ve had with airplane food, not to mention their long-established notoriety, I had already written off in-flight meals as unappetising in general. Luckily, I got to taste some of Cebu Pacific’s new meals a month after their release, and let me tell you: The experience certainly changed my mind.

Aside from the scrumptious flavour that had satisfied my appetite, I also fell in love with the fact that everyone could enjoy the food just as much as I did. Don’t believe me? Read along and let my next points speak for themselves.

1. It’s certified Halal

cebu pacific halal food

Beef Kare-Kare | Image credit: CEB Meals | Cebu Pacific Air

Travellers share a lot in common, regardless of belief or background. Still, there are certain practices that heavily influence how people travel.

For our Muslim brothers and sisters, it becomes more challenging to travel to places without Halal food easily available. Halal food are dishes that follow the specific conditions of Islamic law. Some prohibitions include alcohol, pork products, and meat in forbidden cuts.

Complicated the process may seem, tasty all-Halal food are now readily available in our local airline. Now, Muslim travellers have the option NOT to go through the hassle of bringing their own food or stick to vegetarian options like how they usually must. I’m thankful that Cebu Pacific has recognised the importance of inclusivity and has reflected this understanding through their new menu. From the sandwiches to the rice meals, all their pre-ordered in-flight meals are Halal-certified.

cebu pacific halal food

Grilled Chicken Herb Bun | Image credit: CEB Meals | Cebu Pacific Air

Passengers rave about the Grilled Chicken Herb Bun, stewardess Jane told me. “At first, they thought the filling was ham. But it’s chicken, so they got to enjoy it.” She also shared that flights to Mindanao are now all the more delightful since the release of their new menu.

Fun Fact: The new Cebu Pacific menu was cooked-up in partnership with MIASCOR-Gate Gourmet Philippines. The award-winning catering firm actually specialises in Halal cuisine. All the meals in Cebu Pacific range from ₱180 to ₱400 — not bad for world-class catering. Added to their commitment to quality Halal meals, Cebu Pacific also advocates for sustainable tourism through their recently launched #JuanEffect campaign. So far, the airline has replaced their plastic spoons, forks, cups, and stirrers with plant-based alternatives. 

2. It caters to a variety of diets

Stir-fried Mixed Seafood with Salted Egg Sauce

Stir-fried Mixed Seafood with Salted Egg Sauce | Image credit: CEB Meals | Cebu Pacific Air

At first glance at the new menu, I was immediately excited to travel with my friends again. I knew my pescatarian buddies would enjoy the Fish Escabeche, a roasted fillet of dory with a sweet and sour taste that’s playful on the tongue. I also pictured how my barkada, who like me are salted egg fans, would rejoice over the Stir-fried Mixed Seafood with Salted Egg Sauce option.

Shrimp Alfredo

Shrimp Alfredo | Image credit: CEB Meals | Cebu Pacific Air

Personally, I’d love to try out the two kinds of pasta on my next trips with Cebu Pacific. The Tuna Pesto and Shrimp Alfredo sound flavourful without the guilt of the extra calories, perfect for when I feel bloated.

Note: Both vegans and vegetarians can enjoy the Veggie Ramyun served during the flight. To minimise plastic waste, Cebu Pacific serves this with an instant noodle box cup holder. There are also a lot more snack and drink options available. All meals are served with complimentary juice, but you may order other beverages as you please. 

3. It’s a familiar friend

cebu pacific flight review

Image credit: Psalm Ramos

When a Filipino is proud of his or her country, it certainly shows. We like showing off our motherland, and it isn’t unusual for us to tour around foreigners at the drop of a hat. We bring our visitors to the most amazing sights we know, and we feed them the most delectable local cuisines.

cebu pacific beef pares

Beef Pares | Image credit: CEB Meals | Cebu Pacific Air

Because of the unwavering hospitality of Filipinos, it doesn’t surprise me that foreigners battle with separation anxiety at the end of their adventure in the Philippines. I’d imagine that the choice for them to taste familiar Filipino dishes even on their flight back home would seem like last the hoorah they’ve been craving for. For those missing our country already, the wistful flavour of the Beef Kare-Kare is a gratifying cure for nostalgia. On the other hand, the warmth of Beef Pares is incredibly soothing, bringing passengers back to the comforts of a roadside karinderya (eatery).

4. It suits all kinds of palates and appetites

Chicken Inasal Burrito

Chicken Inasal Burrito | Image credit: CEB Meals | Cebu Pacific Air

When I say all kinds, I mean to include those with no appetite at all. While I personally had no problem munching on my in-flight snacks, I know of some people who get nauseous just with the thought of eating in transit. Fortunately, Cebu Pacific offers tasty sealed sandwiches you can easily either finish in the plane or enjoy as you get off.

The Beef Pastrami in Focaccia is a simple yet delightful treat for anyone who wants a light and healthy snack to satisfy the tummy. Meanwhile, the Chicken Inasal Burrito has a rich cheesy goodness that doesn’t go overboard with flavour.

Ube Langka Croissant

Ube Langka Croissant | Image credit: CEB Meals | Cebu Pacific Air

More of a sweet tooth? Try out their Ube Langka Croissant. Taking the place of the plain butter flavour of a regular croissant is the ube halaya (purple yam) with slices of caramelised langka (jackfruit) as its fillings. It’s like your favourite pastry, but with a flavourful Filipino twist!

Fun Fact: Have a sensitive stomach? Cebu Pacific ensures that all their in-flight meals adhere to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). This assures you that all their meals are healthy and safe for everyone to eat. In fact, the HACCP principles were originally created by NASA for the safety of their astronauts travelling to space. Now, that’s a story that might convince your kid to finish his or her snack.

5. It’s served with love

cebu pacific halal food

Image credit: Psalm Ramos

Without a doubt, the value of Filipino food is measured beyond its taste. In a traditional Filipino home, nanay would go to the market, pick the freshest ingredients, cook up her children’s favourite meals, and serve her classic dishes with a tireless smile.

In their sunny yellow tees, denim skirts, and island-themed scarves, the flight attendants of Cebu Pacific remind me of a Filipino family. “We were trained to be fun, but with proper decorum,” stewardess Jean-Marie explained.

Fun Fact: Cebu Pacific extends their love to the environment as well. In line with their #JuanEffect campaign, the airline strives to promote responsible tourism through encouraging travellers to do their part in lessening their carbon footprint. 

cebu pacific flight review

Image credit: Psalm Ramos

With radiating energy that brightens up the plane even during late-night flights, the cabin crew definitely put the cherry on top of the in-flight Halal-friendly meals I was already enjoying. My experience has led me to believe that everyone can definitely #FlyToMoreFun with Cebu Pacific. Book that flight and kain tayo!

For more information, please visit Cebu Pacific’s official website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Brought to you by Cebu Pacific Air.

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