Bintan 3 Experiences in 1: An Island Where Everybody Can Have Fun!

Bintan 3 Experiences in 1: An Island Where Everybody Can Have Fun!

Aching for an escape from your daily routine and dreaming of visiting the perfect paradise? Bintan awaits you! Whether you are the adventurous young traveler, a family looking for a relaxing vacation together or a couple yearning for romance, Bintan is your one stop for all!

Dreaming of a quick getaway without taking a flight? Then Bintan would be perfect for you! Less than an hour away from Singapore by ferry, indulge in the island’s sandy white beaches, superb resorts and amenities galore. From refreshing spa sessions to mesmerising nature trails – you are spoilt for choice on this paradise island. 

Boasting an array of resorts on the island, it can be a struggle to find the perfect place that could accommodate everyone and for every occasion. Cassia Bintan, Angsana Bintan and Banyan Tree Bintan are the easy answers!

Collectively known as Laguna Bintan, these three individual resorts are catered for every kind of traveller in one integrated destination. Regardless of which resort you stay at, you can enjoy convenient access to shared facilities like pools, restaurants, activities and spas! 

For the Adventurous Youth

For the youths who are yearning for a good mix of adventure and comfort in a hip setting, Bintan is there to provide. From watersports to world-class resorts, the options are endless. Explore and indulge in the exciting lifestyle Bintan has to offer.

Where to Stay: Cassia Bintan

Image credit: Cassia Bintan 

Live your best life at the beachfront abode of Cassia Bintan and enjoy a stay alongside the South China Sea. As the island’s only apartment-style resort, one of the highlights of staying at Cassia Bintan is that all of the 180 units are apartment units! What’s more, each unit comes with a compact kitchenette with modern conveniences available for your use. Hip and vibrantly-decorated, the resort is tastefully decorated for fun-loving youths looking for an exciting vacation. 

Image credit: Cassia Bintan 

At Cassia, your stay is complete with chic apartment-style living, where you can lounge comfortably. With the outdoors just a few steps away, soak up the fun activities lined up daily – from the Jet Ski Safari to Yoga! You can choose from a one- or two-bedder, where all rooms are fitted with a living room and kitchen. You can also pick from the many views including refreshing ocean views and pretty garden views!

Image credit: Cassia Bintan 

While there is a kitchen in your room, there is also an array of eating-out options available, like Cassia Bintan’s own Instagram-worthy all-day dining joint known as the Vista Cafe that serves delicious street fusion food.

Image credit: @bellywellyjelly 

If you are looking to feast on a scrumptious meal without leaving your room, then this is the place for you. At Cassia Bintan, you don’t even have to leave your room to get cooking equipment or ingredients – it will all be delivered to you. Whip up your own meals and choose from Cassia Bintan’s signature Mookata Thai steamboat, which is a great way to spend time with your loved ones! If you are keen to pick your own ingredients, head down to the mini marketplace, Market 23, located in the lobby of the hotel. When you’re done, just leave everything outside the room – no cleanup is needed! 

Once your stomach is filled, head on out to the many activities lined up for you in this exciting resort. From basking in the sun at the pristine beach or taking part in thrilling water sports – get inspired on this enchanting island.

Address: Jalan Teluk Berembang Laguna Bintan Resorts, Lagoi 


Things to do:

Soak Up the Sun & Indulge in Thrilling Watersports

Image credit: Angsana Bintan 

For the thrill-seekers, dive into the many exciting water activities including riding around on jet skis with the Jet Ski Safari Tour offered by Cassia Bintan. Throw on your swimming gear, slap on sunscreen and traverse the glistening blue sea! 

One of the best parts about this tour is that you’ll get access to a private beach. This means that you are able to take a ride on the jet ski without huge crowds of people around. The empty ocean space is your playground! This tour is also perfect as you can leave the usual jet-ski circuit and zoom off to another island for an hour.

Join in on a Foam Party

Image credit: Cassia Bintan

Every Saturday, Cassia Bintan’s infinity pool is transformed into a foam pool party where you can indulge in a gigantic bubble bath with cannons shooting white soap all around you! Talk about a unique party experience. With the sunset as your backdrop, a party here is unlike any other. This foam party lasts from 3pm to 7pm and is located by the XANA Beach Club, a perfect and relaxing way to start off your evening.

Image credit: Angsana Bintan 

After all the foamy fun, unwind in the evening at XANA Beach Club, where music will fill the air as the sun goes down. Watch as the beachfront transforms into a party venue with tunes from resident DJs. Dress down, grab a cocktail and dance the night away!

Ride Through Terrains

Image credit: Angsana Bintan 

Set aside some time to explore the island during an ATV Jungle Safari, where you can race through the jungle. Take a ride through rugged terrain before visiting the local village and exploring the native environment. 

Perfect for the adventure buffs, you can go full-throttle, get covered in mud and learn more about the island! Whether you choose to ride around on the beach’s soft sand or on the tropical forest circuit, you will definitely have fun!

Explore Enigmatic Sand Dunes – Gurun Pasir Busung

Want a change of scenery? Why not head on down to Gurun Pasir Busung where you can find dramatic and picturesque sandy hills! Capture the perfect photo with the dreamy gentle slopes as your backdrop. With varying hues of light brown and yellow accompanied by tints of red in the sand, it doesn’t get more mesmerising than this.

For the Fun-loving Family

With an abundance of activities for all ages, Bintan is perfect for the outgoing family that wants to experience adventure and nature! With all you need in one place, there is no reason to think twice about where to go for some much-needed family time.

Where to Stay: Angsana Bintan

Image credit: Angsana Bintan 

Families with children will love the amenities that come with a stay in this fun, relaxing resort. Angsana Bintan is the only private beachfront resort with a dedicated conservation lab on Bintan. 

Explore the tropical rainforest on an adventurous afternoon or hit the beautifully maintained Laguna Golf Bintan course for a friendly competition with your loved ones! From a relaxing time lounging under the sun along the 1.5km-long private beach, to playing beach soccer – there is fun for everyone!

Image credit: Angsana Bintan 

There are many room types to choose from, including an Island Family Suite that is perfect for family or a group of friends. This room boasts two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious living area, practical for a bigger group and is stylishly decorated. There is an exclusive sundeck with its own private landscaped garden, a lush green treat for a relaxed stay. Not only that, there is also an impressive jet pool in this suite! For a comfortable, luxurious and chic stay, this resort is definitely for you!

Image credit: Angsana Bintan 

Feeling peckish? No problem! Angsana Bintan houses the Lotus Café, an all-day casual dining space serving three meals a day. Feast in an elegant setting with Southeast Asian specialities, international favourites and Indonesian dishes.

Address: Jalan Teluk Berembang Laguna Bintan Resorts, Lagoi, Kabupaten Bintan, Kepulauan Riau


Things to do:

Explore Nature on a Mangrove Discovery Tour

Image credit: Banyan Tree Bintan

Feast your eyes on the natural landscape that the island offers with the Mangrove Discovery Tour. Leave the comfort of your hotel room and indulge in the natural wonders along the Sebung River. 

Take a ride on comfortable speed boats cruising through traditional fishing villages. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife flourishing in the area! 

Conservation Activities – Tree Planting & Seasonal Sea Turtle Release 

Image credit: Banyan Tree Bintan

The three resorts are owned and operated by the award-winning Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, which is known for their commitment to environmental conservation. Cassia Bintan, Angsana Bintan and Banyan Tree Bintan further uphold this devotion by supporting the ocean’s natural ecology. Sea turtle releases are one of the most unique experiences here. It is also a seasonal activity so make sure to check the activity schedule to make sure that you will not miss it!

Explore and learn more about the native wildlife and vegetation with the Conservation Lab, a facility that is unique to this resort and one that provides hands-on learning experiences for families with children. 

Join a Ranger Trail and Bond Over Forest Survival Games

Image credit: Angsana Bintan 

Go on an adventurous Ranger Trail organised by Angsana Bintan, where the resort’s team of experts will lead you down a trek across the island! Expect to explore the island’s unique flora and fauna as you wander through the natural landscape, and also learn how to survive in the jungle as a family with their Forest Survival Games! 

Experience Traditional Fishing 

Image credit: Angsana Bintan 

Hop onto a fishing boat, which you can book for a day and reel in a wide range of fish species. Work for your meal and get the chef to whip up a scrumptious feast for the family with your fresh catch!  

Explore Lagoi Bay Lantern Park

Image credit: @tjinlee

An ideal photo spot, Lagoi Bay Lantern Park comes alive at night! The 300-metre trail follows an “Underwater World” theme, where you can find lantern displays of marine creatures and endangered land species. With over 20 different kinds of colourful animal replicas, this visual treat is perfect for families and visitors of all ages!

For the Romantic Couple

Bintan is the perfect destination for couples, with its laid back island atmosphere and pristine beaches. From lounging by the incredible waters, to relaxing world-class spas – there are countless ways to truly immerse in absolute unadulterated pleasure.

Where to Stay: Banyan Tree Bintan

With magnificent views of the South China Sea stretching across the brilliant horizon, where the tropical sun meets the coastline, Banyan Tree Bintan is the romantic getaway for couples! Immerse in the natural landscapes and unwind on the resort’s private beach with your companion and be lulled by the sweet song of birds. 

Image credit: Banyan Tree Bintan

The luxurious villas here are set on stilts along the hillside, where you can relish in the unique tropical allure of the surrounding rainforests. Each villa is equipped with either a relaxation pool or an infinity pool, so you can be sure to relax in total privacy.

Wake up in the morning to the sounds of nature right outside your window and join in the Morning Yoga on the Hill Tops – one of the many activities offered for the guests of Banyan Tree Bintan. 

Image credit: Banyan Tree Bintan

Feeling hungry? Dine in Banyan Tree’s award-winning signature restaurant, Saffron, serving flavourful Thai food. It features fresh ingredients sourced locally from dedicated farmers, making sure that you are served authentic meals.

Image credit: Banyan Tree Bintan

For another dining option, head on down to The Cove, which is easily accessible and offers scrumptious modern European cuisine. Here you can find delectable dishes such as Salmon Linguine, Stone Crab Spaghetti and even Australian Rack of Lamb cooked in a crust of Garden Herbs!

Image credit: Banyan Tree Bintan

If you want a more authentic dining experience on the island, then Treetops is your pick! Boasting authentic Indonesian food in a comfortable setting, Treetops is Banyan Tree Bintan’s all-day dining establishment. From Bintan Lakse to Traditional Satay with delicious peanut sauce – you are sure to be well fed all day!

Bask in the allure of romance on this island and indulge in the many cuisines available. Don’t forget the plenty of fun activities you can take part in with your partner – from midnight strolls along the natural rocky jetty, to an intimate couple’s spa experience! 

Address: Jalan Teluk Berembang Laguna Bintan Resorts, Lagoi


Things to do:

Rev Up Your Romantic Night with a Destination Dining Experience

Image credit: Banyan Tree Bintan

One of the ideal ways to experience the romantic allure of Bintan is to sign up for a Destination Dining Experience – a unique activity you can only have at Banyan Tree Bintan. Perfect for a romantic feast under the stars, there is no better way to enjoy great food than in this alluring environment. 

If you are looking to dine in a traditional fisherman’s boat and enjoy signature seafood dishes, you should opt for Fisherman’s Table. Looking to enjoy a gourmet feast under the stars with a personal chef and waiter serving you on Laguna Bintan’s Golf Club’s signature 17th hole? Go for Dinner on 17

Want to stay in the comforts of your villa? Choose the Blue Moon Dining option and have blue lanterns casting a romantic glow in the villa and have a personal chef whip up a scrumptious meal.

Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind with an Award-winning Spa Experience

Image credit: Banyan Tree Bintan

No romantic getaway is complete without a refreshing spa experience. The award-winning Banyan Tree Spa brand can also be found in Banyan Tree Bintan, located within quaint hilltop pavilions amidst a lush rainforest. It offers luxurious treatments inspired by natural herbs and spices, with a focus on the human touch.

Join a Private Island Excursion and Explore the Charming Island of Bintan

Image credit: Banyan Tree Bintan

Discover the awe-inspiring sights and culinary specialties of Bintan as a couple with the help of highly-qualified guides showing you around. This service is one of the many activities offered by Banyan Tree. Other activities include a Cultural Tour, a Shopping & Dining Tour.

Enjoy the Night with the Mangrove Night Tour

Image credit:

Cruise down Sebung River on a speed boat with your partner under the brilliant night sky. As you enjoy your comfortable voyage surrounded by the incredible thriving nature, look out for the fireflies lighting up the night sky.

With the plethora of activities and facilities that Cassia Bintan, Angsana Bintan and Banyan Tree Bintan boasts, choosing these resorts is a no brainer! There are romantic villas, fun-filled family activities, and loads more. There is something for every kind of traveller here – your one stop for everything!

Brought to you by Banyan Tree Bintan, Angsana Bintan and Cassia Bintan

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