Trip Of A Lifetime - The Best Haciendas in Mexico

Trip Of A Lifetime – The Best Haciendas in Mexico

Mexico has stunning Haciendas. If you don’t know what a Hacienda is, then you have been missing out. If you are planning a trip to Mexico, you will come across some of the most magnificent Haciendas in your search for the best places to stay.

Haciendas offer a glimpse into Mexico’s rich history. Some Haciendas date back to the 16th century they were built during the colonisation of Mexico by the Spanish.

Those who appreciate history will be blown away by Mexico’s best Haciendas. The hacienda’s available for those wanting a holiday of a lifetime to Mexico range from luxury boutique hotels to large estates. Here are our top 5 Haciendas for a trip of a lifetime in Mexico.

The Best Mexican Hacienda Hideaways

1. Hacienda de San Antonio

Positioned at the foothills of Volcano of Colima in scenic highlands of Mexico. De San Antonio Hacienda is surrounded by enchanting greenery and joyous gardens unfolding into exquisitely tremendous vegetation.

This stunning hacienda comes with a natural spring, and most of the produce here is sourced from the property grounds.

2. Hacienda Xcanatun, Yucatán

A lavish boutique hotel, Hacienda Xcanatun is a haven from modern insanity. The hotel boasts 18 luxurious suites which have no TVs, all of the suites have individual interiors that keep the character of the former hacienda alive. The gourmet eatery, relaxing gardens and spa tend to intensify the idea that this is a place to flee to.

3. Hacienda Santa Cruz, Mérida

With its tall arches, rusty red covering and terraced luxury, Hacienda Santa Cruz is an individual residence that echoes the Mayan remains that the region is distinguished for. It is close to Uxmal, a towering stone building on three levels and a Unesco world heritage site. The vast terrace that surrounds the hotel is full of bright orange trees and peach trees.

4. Hacienda San Gabriel de las Palmas, Morelos

Hacienda San Gabriel de las Palmas was built in 1529. Its original purpose was as a Franciscan Monastery, but was later turned into a sugar mill. The Hacienda San Gabriel de las Palmas houses more than 600 works of art and is shrouded in ivy and tangerine covered walls.

5. Hacienda el Carmen Hotel and Spa, Jalisco

Hacienda el Carmen Hotel which also has its own spa, is a traditional hacienda located in Jalisco, Mexico. It has a beautiful pink exterior, impressive arches and is wrapped in green foliage. The hacienda has a range of elegant suites that are tastefully strewn with antiques. The retreat offers a wide range of luxury spa treatments with the most unique being wine therapy which is said to rejuvenate the skin.

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Mexican Haciendas

Haciendas make for the perfect and almost off the grid, private vacations. Many Haciendas can be booked in their entirety and also make for the perfect destination for the wedding venue of a lifetime. Booking a hacienda is so much more than just a simple accommodation choice. They are homesteads set on rural and agricultural land. They were initially built in the age of discovery when the Spanish were on a mission to conquer the new world.

Large plots of land were given to Spanish nobility and these noble people built enormous manor houses and estates to show their wealth.

The estates were originally involved in precious mining metals, livestock and agriculture. The wealthy estate owners employed local workers to manage their properties. The now beautiful Haciendas were comparable to the large estates found in North America; however, the workers who worked in and for the Haciendas were not classed as slaves.

Many haciendas all over Mexico have endured revolutions, independence and economic crisis’. Many like the ones above have been turned into luxury boutique hotels, charming residences and holiday homes. They make the most stunning accommodation for tourists, especially those who have restored to their former glory with outstanding advancements. Some haciendas like La Chonita, which dates back to the early 1800s are still producing sugar cane and cocoa whilst combining a hostel-type accommodation, regional tours and activities in the countryside.

If there is any type of holiday home/location that should be booked and experienced in Mexico, it is a luxury Hacienda. The location, scenery, fauna and flora all equate to an exquisite trip back in time and an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

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