Top 3 Bargain Destinations With the Best Tourism Reopening Deals

Book Now, Pay Later: Top 3 Destinations With the Best Travel Deals as Tourism Sectors Reopen

Presenting travel hotspots with the best tourism reopening deals out there + planning tips!

There was a time in the recent past when travelling started to sound like a figment of our imagination. The COVID-19 pandemic made it so hard to see an end to the prevailing madness and bleakness; general negativity was the dominant emotion the past year. But thanks to scientists behind the vaccines that effectively combat this rabid strain of the coronavirus, the world is cautiously opening up again. With this comes the emergence of what we’d like to call “bargain destinations” — travel hotspots with the best tourism reopening deals out there.

Tips for planning trips to bargain destinations

Bargain Destinations: Greece on a cruise

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With this wonderful development, you may be planning a well-deserved trip to some nice place by yourself or with your family. Before we give you our top picks of this season’s bargain destinations, here are a few tips for trip planning.

Our top hack? Prepare for your long flights as early as possible, especially if you’re traveling with kids. How about some wholesome in-flight entertainment? Browse through the ALDI specials here to buy books to keep them busy and entertained on the flights.

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ALDI also offers several items that cater to the whole family to make travel easy and convenient. Pick up a few snacks as well; some flights do not serve food on-board due to COVID-19 regulations, so best to be prepared in case the bunch gets peckish.

Flight snack tip: The Safari fruit rolls (($1.99) or the South African Ouma rusks ($4.49) make for a great nibble. Check out more items here.

Top bargain destinations with reopening deals you’d want to snap up

Planning trips for bargain destinations with travel deals

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The tourism industry was especially wounded worldwide by the pandemic, as travel had to be on hold just until the virus was under control. To encourage revenue flows, a number of travel hotspots are offering packages at discounted rates; several airlines and trains are doing the same. Below are our top three bargain destinations:

1. Carlisle Bay, Antigua

Located in the Caribbean, Carlisle Bay is a dreamy island that’s quite the picture-perfect getaway. Want to take some time away from the dreariness of city life? Carlisle Bay is the place to be. It is lush and pristine — absolutely gorgeous!

What makes visiting the island even more irresistible? They are offering up to 30% off bundle packages that are inclusive of accommodations, meals, private airport transfers, and flights. Bargain destinations like this one in Antigua make it easier for you to go there by handling all the arrangements on your behalf. So, if you’ve had enough of the city and need a break from the pictures hanging on your walls, give Carlisle Bay a chance to ease your mind.   

2. Baros, Maldives

Turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, majestic palms, and a limited-offer bargain. Need we say more? Add to this beautiful picture unlimited seafood served fresh daily, and you’ve got yourself a paradise you won’t ever want to leave. Mouth-watering local cuisine and an exhilarating speedboat ride await when you arrive at the international airport. We feel relaxed just thinking about this outstanding island in the Maldives!

Baros is offering 30% off holiday packages to travellers at the moment. If you are travelling with your kids, the reef teeming with marine life will certainly keep them entertained. Not to mention, it will be great educational enrichment for young developing minds! The prospect of finding Nemo will be too sweet to miss, we think. Head over to the Maldives while their discounted offers are still available.

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3. Greek Islands

Many of us have wanted to go for cruises in the past, or visit Greece — and both have been nearly impossible because they were too pricey. Here is our chance! This seven-day cruise will start in Athens and take you through Patmos, Paphos in Cyprus, Rhodes, Santorini, and Spetsai before returning to the Greek capital.

The best part? These are all bargain destinations within Greece! This tempting all-inclusive offer even boasts business class flights and complimentary transfers between the airport and the ship. Not only do you get to see the Greek Islands from a beautiful ship; you also get to appreciate the country’s rich history and culinary scene aboard it! Who wouldn’t want to tick so many destinations in one go? Sounds refreshing after almost two years of being stuck at home!

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Bargain Destinations: The Maldives

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Now that we’ve told you our top three bargain destination picks, head over to sites like and to make your reservations and secure your travel dates. You may also visit the respective websites of the different locations to make your bargain bookings directly. At these prices, these once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences will surely fill up fast.

Above all, another very important aspect is to make sure you are vaccinated before you travel! Most holiday destinations will not accept your entry into that country without proof of COVID-19 vaccination. The International Air Travel Authority (IATA) has created an app that has up-to-date information for all travellers; have a look here. That said, keep safe and enjoy your trip!

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