Cold Spell in Bangkok: Temp As Low As 14°C This Week

Cold Spell in Bangkok: Temp As Low As 14°C This Week

Travelling to Bangkok this week? Here’s a heads up: Bundle up because it’s about to get chilly.

Heading to Bangkok this week? If you’re not, you might want to scramble for flights, especially if you’re looking to celebrate Christmas somewhere cool.

Just a few days ago, the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) predicted a 6 to 8 degrees Celcius drop in the temperature for the upcoming week (18 Dec to 22 Dec), making it the coldest time of the year for the country. The cold spell will hit North Thailand first before moving towards its capital, Bangkok, then eventually turning into torrential rain as it reaches the South.

This is pretty huge news, considering the average temperature for Bangkok last week was a humid range of 27°C to 32°C. But the chilly winds moving down from Central China aren’t playing around: the average temperature for Bangkok this week is expected to be as low as 14°C in the morning, and 25°C in the day, according to The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF).

In fact, one can expect strong winds vaguely reminiscent of those in a wintery country by Saturday. Bangkokians have been warned and advised to take care of their health, and you should too if you’re going to be in town! Bring along those Christmas jumpers and fleece jackets hiding at the back of your closet there’s no better time to put them to use than now.

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