Australia And New Zealand Travel Ban Introduced To Tackle Covid-19

Australia And New Zealand Travel Ban Introduced To Tackle Covid-19

Borders will be shut to every non-residents and non-citizens.

As the covid-19 shows no sign of abating, governments all over the world are stepping up their responses to halt the spread of the deadly virus. The Australia and New Zealand travel ban is part of enhanced border measures to occlude themselves from transborder infections.

“A travel ban will be placed on all non-residents and non-Australian citizens coming to Australia,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced. 

The ban was implemented as Scott Morrison asserted that most of the Covid-19 cases in the country had come from overseas. His nation’s order would come into effect from 9pm this evening. However, the unprecedented ban does not extend to citizens, permanent residents, or their families.

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Josh Frydenberg, Treasurer of Australia, commented that the restrictions would “last as long as the medical experts tell us that we need to prevent the spread of the virus”

It has already put into effect a compulsory 14-day quarantine for anyone arriving in Australia, including citizens.

Similarly, New Zealand’s borders will be shut to everyone in the world except for New Zealand citizens and residents, effective 11.59pm on 19 March. Returning New Zealanders are required to self-isolate for a span of two weeks. 

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“At no time in New Zealand’s history has a power like this been used, and I recognise how extraordinary it is,” New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern said on Thursday.

“We need to do this for the health of the country, and our people,” she added. She also urged New Zealanders to be prepared, but not panic.

Australia has recorded more than 700 cases of coronavirus and seven deaths, with a staggering increase in infections this week. On the other hand, New Zealand has witnessed 39 confirmed tests.

Will the introduction of the new Australia and New Zealand travel ban be enough?

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