[Promo Fares] Singapore to USA from S$1147 by ANA and United Airlines

[Promo Fares] Singapore to USA from S$1147 by ANA and United Airlines

Ok, a trip to USA ain’t cheap. But thanks to United Airlines and ANA’s new promotional flights, we can all start planning that epic trip to the US!

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Ok, a trip to USA ain’t cheap.

But thanks to United Airlines and ANA’s new promotional flights to San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles from just SGD 1,147, we can all start planning that epic trip to the US!

Book through any of these 10 agencies: Muhibbah Travel, New Shan Travel, Giamso International Travel, SA Tours, MISA Travel, Focal Travel, Lotus Travel, Chan Brothers Travel, Scenic Travel, and Pacific Arena, and fly to Vegas (from SGD 1,377), LA (from SGD 1,147) and San Francisco (from SGD 1,235) with All Nippon Airways and United Airlines. So start your journey to the USA right with these fantastic flight deals, and even more fantastic in-flight experience! Check the deals out here for ANA and here for United Airlines.

To start your trip planning! Here’re some of the totally neat stuff that you should do when in America!

San Francisco: The Golden City (from SGD 1,235!)

When in the Golden City, check out the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, duh! To enjoy the most photographed bridge on earth in all its glory, take a scenic walk or cycle along the pedestrian side of the bridge, and definitely catch it at sunset when the golden hues of the sun certainly makes this bridge live up to its name. Stay on a lil’ longer to watch this beauty light up at night!

Take the iconic trolley car ride down to Fisherman’s Wharf for some great seafood and lovely sights by the sea.

Image credit: Mike Roqué

As you walk along the street, be sure to check out the lovely sunbathing seals at Pier 39!

 Image credit: Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar (top & bottom right)

Some must-try foods are clam chowder in a huge sourdough breadbowl, lobster rolls and fresh Dungeness crab!

Lastly, check out the infamous Alcatraz on Alcatraz Island, or more commonly known as “The Rock”. Join a tour group to learn more about this rich-in-history island, if you’re looking for a little something more other than sightseeing!



Las Vegas: Entertainment Capital of the World (from SGD 1,377!)

Ahh… Vegas. The Silver City, Sin City, the City of Lights! One of the things that you absolutely have to do here would be to catch some totally spectacular shows, from magic by THE David Copperfield and paranormal shows, to Britney Spears and the Jersey Boys musical!

Image credit: Vegas.com

You literally can’t catch them all, what’s with multiple shows happening every night, but one that you definitely cannot miss would be the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, where you have not one, not two, but EIGHT fantastic shows to choose from, with the likes of Michael Jackson and The Beatles Love!

If you’re not that into shows and nightlife, it’s also a pretty sight in the daytime!

Image credit: Joao Carlos Medau

And go crazy on the roller coasters while you’re there! From a roller coaster going through the famous New York-New York Hotel, to the seriously crazy Stratosphere ride which literally dangles you over the Las Vegas strip, get your adrenaline pumping with these insane rides!


Los Angeles: City of Angels (from SGD 1,147!)

Image credit: Jedi94

Ahhh, Los Angeles, the land of Hollywood, palm trees and Sunset Boulevard.

Image credit: Christian Haugen

Take a hike, literally, to the gigantic Hollywood sign and catch a panoramic view of the city, walk down the streets of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or take a guided tour to learn way more about the home of your favourite blockbusters!

Image credit: Jennifer Lynn

Fancy paying a visit to the most magical place in the world while you’re at it? Built under the direct supervision of the late Walt Disney, this Disneyland will be sure to impress you with it’s superbly detailed touches by the man himself, imbued with all that pixie dust and childlike wonders!

Image credit: Allie_Caulfield

To indulge in the chill beach vibes, head on over to Santa Monica Pier! From taking a cycle along the scenic coastline, to chowing down on the totally delish West Coast grub, to having fun at the iconic Pacific Park amusement park, this place has everything and anything for everybody!

Image credit: eggslut

Last but not least, definitely check out LA’s Grand Central Market, a MUST-VISIT when you’re in LA, especially if you’re a self-professed foodie. Pro tip: definitely check out the gourmet restaurant eggslut, where the ultimate ingredient of the celebrated egg is being used to create the most heavenly treats ever! Trust me, it’ll be like angels dancing in your mouth.

It’s high time to jet off to the great land of America, my friends, so wait no further and grab this hot flight deal! Check out the deals from ANA and UA to book your flight today!


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