The Couple Travel Challenge: 5 Things to Conquer Together On Your Next Overseas Trip

The Couple Travel Challenge: 5 Things to Conquer Together On Your Next Overseas Trip

How many of these have you completed with your significant other?

Looking to up your anniversary celebration with something unconventional? Surprise your partner with a vacation! By vacation, we don’t mean a trip to the conventional destinations… but to Bintulu in Malaysia. “Why Bintulu”? Well, it’s not only perfect for you lovebirds to get some #AloneTime, it is also offbeat enough for an alternative couple vacation experience!  

Here’s five things you lovebirds can achieve together in Bintulu to make your next couple vacation memorable!

1. Spend quality couple time together

If you’re looking for a place that’ll grant you two some time alone devoid of intrusions from others, look no further than the Belanun Bay Floating House! Staying a few days in this floating house situated atop Bintulu’s Bakun Lake will definitely guarantee lots of quality time for the two of you. You won’t get any internet coverage at this house, but before you freak out… Think of it as a good time to take a digital detox and solely focus on spending time with your partner. And did we mention you can take a couple dip whenever you want to, because the lake is right at your doorstep!


2. Work up a sweat together

Image credit: Starlightchild

How better to strengthen your relationship than by going on hikes together? Think about it: both of you scaling terrains side by side, helping each other and motivating each other to press on. #Couplegoals, much! As you finally reach the endpoint with your partner, you can soak in the beautiful sights together and remember this milestone that you’ve conquered. Take your pick from the national parks Bintulu has to offer – Similajau National Park, Lambir Hills National Park, Loagan Bunut National Park – to name a few.

3. Chase the sunset for your couple shots

Similajau National Park | Image credit: Travel 2 Malaysia

Believe us when we say that there are tons of picturesque locations here in Bintulu to up your Instagram game! This coastal town is home to beautiful natural landscapes – be it the lush greenery of Similajau National Park or the golden and blue tones of Tanjung Batu Beach. We promise there’s bound to be something that’ll catch your eye (and the attention of your Instagram followers, of course!).

Want to do something different? Go on a sunset cruise to soak in the last of sun’s rays against the romantic rhythm of the sea, as you lean on your lover’s shoulder. With such a scenic view, you can go #nofilter to get the stunning shot that will make everyone envious. Just don’t forget to take your couple selfies while you’re snapping away!


4. Have a romantic meal outdoors

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With the various picnic areas that can be found in national parks, there are plenty of opportunities for the two of you to have an intimate meal to yourselves. Surprise your partner by preparing all the food by yourself, or make it together! Psst… If you think it’s too much of a hassle to cook, take advantage of the amazing Sarawak food available in Bintulu (think Kolo Mee, Sarawak Laksa, Satay etc…). Not to mention, you’ll have the serenity of your surroundings as your backdrop and you might even spot some endearing and cute animals!

5. Show your love for endangered species

Image credit: Sarawak Tourism

Sarawak is one of those hot spots to spot turtle landings, and Similajau National Park is one of the two best sites to spot nesting turtles that call Sarawak their home. These turtle species are actually considered dangerously endangered across the world, but the number of turtle landings in Sarawak has been steadily increasing thanks to the government’s conservation efforts! So, learn something new with your loved one and show some love for these adorable creatures as you spot them within the park!

Bintulu – The ideal destination for a quiet couple retreat!

Image credit: Mohd Yusrizal

From hiking in national parks and learning about endangered turtles to pursuing the prettiest sunsets, Bintulu is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered together with your loved ones! This under-the-radar tourist destination just makes it all the more alluring as THE next couple vacation destination.

Feeling inspired to check off the list already? It’s time to go then! Flying direct to Bintulu from Singapore four times a week, AirAsia has made getting to Bintulu a whole lot easier. And since you’ll be travelling together as a couple, we’ll let you in on one of AirAsia’s features that enhances your flying experience – you can choose your seats together or add a meal via the ‘Manage my booking’ option on AirAsia’s app or website! Book your flights to Bintulu with AirAsia now and be well on your way to an unforgettable holiday. Bon voyage!


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