Air New Zealand to Trial ‘Vaccination Passport’

Air New Zealand to Trial ‘Vaccination Passport’

A glimpse of post-COVID travel?

In a step towards resuming leisure air travel, Air New Zealand will trial a digital health pass, or “vaccination passport”. This is for passengers to prove that they have been immunised against the COVID-19 virus. The Air New Zealand vaccination passport system would help to provide border authorities and airlines with up to date health information of travellers. 

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The carrier announced on 22 February that it will be testing the industry-developed International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Travel Pass app, which passengers link to their e-passport and will carry verified copies of test results and – in the future – vaccination records. The Air New Zealand vaccination passport trial is scheduled to kick in in April for three weeks. It will be for passengers leaving Auckland and those on return flights from Sydney.

How does the vaccination passport work?

The Air New Zealand vaccination passport is essentially a place where all your health credentials can be stored digitally and safely in one place. Through the Travel Pass smartphone app, passengers will receive up-to-date information about what tests and vaccines they need to enter their destination. Participating health providers will send verified test results or vaccination certificates directly to the app. Based on the passenger’s itinerary, the app will produce a simple “OK to travel” notification to satisfy both airlines and immigration authorities to meet that country’s COVID-19 health requirements.

“It’s essentially like having a digital health certificate that can be easily and securely shared with airlines. By having a place to store all your health credentials digitally in one place, it will not only speed up the check-in process but unlock the potential for contactless travel,” said Air New Zealand’s chief digital officer Jennifer Sepull.

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A glimpse of post-COVID travel

Air New Zealand is among the first airlines in the world to adopt the IATA Travel Pass. Other airlines like Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways and British Airways have also expressed interest in trailing it. With the aviation industry still reeling from the effects of the coronavirus, it is hoped that the successful implementation of vaccination passports and travel passes will give governments the confidence to reopen the borders to international visitors sooner rather than later. For more updates on the Air New Zealand vaccination passport, visit their COVID-19 information hub for the latest updates.

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