Why Adelaide Should Be at the Top of Your 'Must-Visit' List

Why Adelaide Should Be at the Top of Your ‘Must-Visit’ List

The next time you’re planning a trip Down Under, why not head on over to the less-traversed gem of Adelaide?

Heads up all you intrepid travellers, it’s time to travel off the beaten road! The next time you’re planning a trip to the land down under, why not head on over to the less-traversed gem of Adelaide? This charming city has plenty to offer for an unforgettable trip, so read on to find out why you should make Adelaide your next travel destination!

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1. Get Chummy with Wild Dolphins, Mateys!  

adelaide must visitImage credit: Deidre Woollard

With Glenelg Beach’s waters being home to over a thousand wild dolphins, your dolphin experience won’t get any more authentic than this! And you know what’s even cooler than taking a sunset cruise to see the nightfall with a pod of dolphins?

GlenelgImage credit: Temptation Sailing

Swimming with the dolphins, of course. What’s so awesome about swimming with dolphins at Glenelg would definitely be the fact that these wild creatures aren’t trained at all ‒ nope, no siree, these fascinating mammals are 100% wild and free!

2. Hop On Over to Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo IslandImage credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

One of Aussie’s more popular tourist destinations, Kangaroo Island is just a short thirty-minute flight away! Can’t get enough of wildlife even after the dolphins and koalas? Never fear, for Kangaroo Island’s got your back with the Seal Bay Conservation Park. Just pay a small fee and roam around the beach filled with these adorable sea lions to your heart’s content!

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Flinders Chase National ParkImage credit: Roderick Eime

And you definitely have to pay a visit to Flinders Chase National Park, because how can you miss out on checking out the absolutely stunning Remarkable Rocks? Feast your eyes on this awesome wonder of Mother Nature!

Image credit: Jimmy the Squinny

Or forego seeing the Admirable Arch, for that matter? Who knows, you might even get to see some seals chillin’ at this pretty awe-strucking arch.

3.  Entice Your Senses With Hearty Amounts of Exquisite Wine

Image credit: Chris Fithall

Adelaide isn’t South Aussie’s only super zone for wine for nothing! Along with being dubbed the wine capital of this country, and being home to the National Wine Centre of Australia, you just know you’re in the right place to get intimate with wine! With big names like Penfolds (World’s Most Admired Wine Brand by Drinks International!) and Jacob’s Creek, enjoy these exquisite wines that Adelaide has to offer.

Image credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

Pro Tip: be sure to look out for all the cool experiences that certain cellar doors offer, such as the Taste Your Own Birth Year experience at Seppeltsfield Winery, where you can drink your birth-year Tawny straight from the barrel, or blend your own wine at Penfolds Barossa Cellar Door to make it uniquely yours!

4.  Marvel at Phenomenal Sights

Port WillungaImage credit: Luke Anderson

It ain’t all about the food and wine here, ladies and gents! Fleurieu Peninsula, located south of Adelaide’s city centre, is home to plenty of unique and magnificent sceneries as well, such as this time-worn jetty remains at Port Willunga.

Port WillungaImage credit: Dan O’Cker

Don’t miss out on cave-hopping at this place while you’re at it! While the powdery-white beach and lapping azure waves are a treat for the eyes, what’s really cool about this would be the man-made caves carved into the cliff by fishermen of the past! Perfect place for unique photo ops, don’t you think?

5. FREE Transport All Around!

Image credit: Shou-Hui Wang

Yes, yes, we hear you. Undoubtedly, Aussie is rather pricey to travel to. Luckily for you, Adelaide’s all ready to shave off some of your travel expenses through its free bike hire, free tram, and free bus services!!

Image credit: Jocelyn Kinghorn

What’s that? You prefer walking instead? No problem! Adelaide’s grid-like layout makes it super easy for you to get around for you to forge out your own path! (Yes, even those who failed geography ‒ it’s that easy, I assure you.) After all, what better ways are there to truly soak in the city’s essence than by getting up close and personal by foot?

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6. The World in Your Hands (or Mouth)

Image credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

Yup, back to food again. Sorry not sorry. Adelaide’s truly a foodie’s paradise, really. If you think Singapore has a crazy variety of food, think again, because this capital city’s seriously going to show you a thing or two! Think: Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, French, Japanese, Vegetarian, Asian-Mexican, Vietnamese-French, full-on pasta, full-on meatballs… Need I say more?

Image credit: Jason Rosenberg

Whether you’re a fan of fine dining or just a casual night out, Adelaide has it all. Good thing you’re not spending on transport, since you’ll definitely be needing that extra cash to stuff yourself silly!

7. Get In Touch With Nature at Adelaide Hills

Image credit: denisbin

Adelaide Hills, a twenty-minute drive from the city, is a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, yet without being too remote to make you feel like you’re on an episode of Lost. Plus point: enjoy a panoramic view of the whole of Adelaide from Mt. Lofty Summit! Looks pretty neat, huh?

Image credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

Or how about doing some koala-lovin’ and have a go at cuddling these cute critters? This is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss at Cleland Wildlife Park, I assure you. I mean, how can you pass up the chance to hug these squiggly things?

8. Take the Only Across-Water Horse-Drawn Tram in the World

Image credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

What a unique way to travel, huh? Indulge in your super-touristy side as you sit back, relax, and enjoy this very novel, very chill ride from Victor Harbor to Granite Island. And, duh, horses!

Image credit: Anita Ritenour

Of course, that’s not all that these two places has to offer! At the coastal Victor Harbor, take part in whale watching and catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures, or sneak a peek at the fairy penguins on Granite Island! Or, you know, just laze around the beaches for a bit, that sounds pretty good, too.

9. Take an Unforgettable, Epic Road Trip

Image credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

When in Australia, do as Aussies do, and that means you definitely have to take an epic road trip! So why not embark on the superbly exciting Southern Ocean Drive for an authentic Aussie experience?

Image credit: denisbin

Weave in destinations such as Kangaroo Island and Victor Habor while you’re at it, along with crazily beautiful sights along the way, such as ginormous sinkholes and the vibrant cobalt blue-coloured Blue Lake. There’s plenty of maps and itineraries online, so research, research, and research to make your road trip an unforgettable one!

10. Get Busy at the Best, the Biggest, and the Most Bustling Food Market in Town

Image credit: Wayne England

Adelaide Central Market is the best and the biggest fresh produce market in all of South Australia, and for good reasons, too. With a long history of 145 years, it houses over 80 specialty stores that’ll tantalize your tastebuds, and believe me when I say they’re really, really special ‒ from Latvian cuisine to kangaroo and crocodile meat, this is one market you definitely don’t want to miss!

Image credit: Adelaide Central Market

If kangaroo meat isn’t your thing, not to worry, there’s plenty of other foods for you to eat your hearts out ‒ literally ‒ at this market! The collection of cuisines there are endless, and I could spend all day describing them to you, but why not just head on over there and see for yourself? It’s totally worth it, I promise.

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Tempted to pack your bags and head off straight to Adelaide yet? Good on you if you are! And to make your trip even sweeter, check out these amazing deals by UOB Travel to get the best out of your vacation. Happy travelling, my friends!

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