8 Things You Must Do for a Memorable Experience in Perth

8 Things You Must Do for a Memorable Experience in Perth

Planning a trip to Perth but no idea what to do? Here are exciting things you can do without burning a hole in your pocket.

Planning for a trip to Perth but unsure of what to do there? Fret not! This guide gathers eight of the must-do things in Perth for a memorable and beautiful experience. There are plenty of unique activities to do in Perth which can be fun, adventurous and without burnig a hole in your pocket.  Some of them are even free of charge! Be amazed by the many surprises that Perth has to offer.

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1. Visit the Bell Tower

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Be sure to visit one of the world’s largest musical instruments and Perth’s one of a kind attraction! The Bell Tower is Home of the Swan Bells. Be intrigued by the sight of the 82.5m tower which houses the 12 bells of St Martins from Trafalgar Square. Learn about the history of the bells and bell ringing, and treat yourself to the beautiful views of Perth and the Swan River while you are there!

Also, here’s a plus point: you can get a Love Lock while you are at the Bell Tower. Love Locks are padlocks secured to a public structure, symbolising a couple’s everlasting love. You can also use the Love Locks to lock your relationship for eternity with your family members and bosom friends in the heart of Perth at The Bell Tower.

Schedule: Open from 10:00 AM daily. (Closed Christmas and Good Friday)
Address: Barrack Square, Intersection of Barrack St. & Riverside Dr. Perth

2. Watch a gold pouring performance at The Perth Mint

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Make your moments in Perth even more precious by relishing in the myriad of rich experiences that The Perth Mint offers. Discover Australia’s enormous treasury of natural gold nuggets in one of the world’s most historical mints still operating from its earliest site. Be fascinated by gold pouring performances and the manufacturing of precious metal coins. Bring home a momento by shopping for some rare and exclusive treasures as well as intricate jewellery, including the exquisite Kailis Jewellery and Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Schedule: Open 7 days from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Address: 310 Hay Street, East Perth WA 6004.

3. Go on the Tree-Top Walk at the Valley of the Giants

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Make the most of your trip and treat your eyes to the majestic sight of the world’s renowned forest of gigantic tingle trees. Go on the 40m-high (which is estimated to be about 11-12 storeys) tree-top boardwalk that offers a breath-taking bird’s eye view of the forest. Personally, when I descended to the boardwalks below to explore the “Ancient Empire”, I was amazed by a grove of magnificent veteran tingle trees, some as ancient as over 400 years old.

Some fun facts: The name of the reserve stemmed from the gigantic tingle trees. These “giants” are some of the world’s most massive trees and they ONLY exist in the forest neighbouring the Valley of the Giants.

4. Make your way up the Diamond Tree

Another one of Western Australia’s unique attractions: The Diamond Tree

Near the Valley of the Giants is the Diamond Tree Lookout, which is 52m above ground. If you are adventurous enough, you can take on this thrilling opportunity to climb this Karri tree, venturing up along the metal rungs spiralling up the trunk. The climb is daunting but the spectacular view over the forest canopy makes it definitely worth the while. If not, it would be just as pleasant to pose for a picture with this marvellous tree. However, do note that there is only one rest area before the viewing platform. The top segment of the climb is vertical.

5. Go for a drive around rural Perth

Another thing that you can do while in Perth would be to go for a spin round the city while sightseeing. Enjoy the beautiful sights along the roadside and immerse in the pleasing rural landscapes. It was a rejuvenating experience for me as I took in the marvellous views along the drive to the Pinnacles, such as the scenery of the wind turbines. Be greeted by the presence of wild animals, such as kangaroos and sheep, along your drive in the rural area and appreciate the beauty of nature.

6. Embark on a night sightseeing adventure

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Also, I would recommend going for sightseeing at night in the city of Perth, basking in the tranquillity of the night view that Perth offers. Enjoy the splendour of the city lights as they dance gracefully. Stroll along the Riverside Drive and be captivated by the scenic glamour of the city. To make your night sightseeing more enchanting, visit the South Perth foreshore – the ideal spot for you to appreciate the best night scenery of Perth.

7. Go fishing / surfing at the Bunbury Back Beach

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The beaches of Western Australia offer options for short getaways. Imagine strolling by the breezy iconic Bunbury Back Beach, a two-hour drive south of Perth, feeling the cold wet golden sand under your feet, or envisage lying on your back enjoying the tranquility of the azure sky. How soothing it must be to cast aside all worries and bask in the heavenly comfort of what-feels-like sheer paradise. This pristine sandy beach is a splendid spot for surfing, swimming, building sandcastles, and beach fishing. The beach also offers an awe-inspiring backdrop for immersing in an unforgettable sunset watching experience.

8. Go on a trail on foot around Perth City

Another must-do thing in Perth is to go on a trail around the city, exploring its beautiful architectures and vibrant history. Walk along King Street while embracing its rich historical pasts. Venture along one of the best-preserved gold rush era streetscapes in Perth – King Street is also named after King William IV. Be greeted by the intoxicating sights of the gleaming skyscrapers in the CBD area of Perth City. Stop by the magnificent General Post Office for a snapshot with this beautiful architecture.  Being one of the few huge buildings in Australia established in the imposing Beaux Arts style, this spectacular General Post Office was constructed between 1914 and 1923. Furthermore, it was reputable for being the tallest building in Perth at the time of its construction.

Hope you have a whale of a time in Perth with these 8 things on the list!

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