360 Hong Kong Moments Lets You Relive Hong Kong Travel Experiences

6 Memorable Moments in Hong Kong We Miss Most and How We Can Relive Them

Thankfully, 360 Hong Kong Moments brings us one step closer to reliving our favourite travel experiences!

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It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since COVID-19’s rampage began worldwide. Since then, medical masks, vaccines, physical distancing, and lockdowns have become part and parcel of daily life. With countries standing by their respective travel restrictions, the resumption of safe air travel bubbles may not arrive as soon as we’d like. While we’re itching to explore the world again, we can’t help but #throwback to our favourite moments in Hong Kong. And that’s where 360 Hong Kong Moments comes into the picture! 

360 Hong Kong Moments brings you on a virtual journey like no other

So what exactly is 360 Hong Kong Moments? It is a global initiative launched by the Hong Kong Tourism Board to remind the world of Hong Kong’s prominence as a travel destination. Through 360 Hong Kong Moments, homebound travellers may take a deep dive into everything they miss about the place, thanks to a series of tastefully made VR videos. 

Each 360 Hong Kong Moments video allows viewers to reminisce about Hong Kong or tap into travel inspiration for future trips! Those who’ve been to Kong Kong may relive their most memorable pre-pandemic travels by taking virtual tours along its buzzing streets. And what of tourists who have yet to experience Hong Kong? Take this as your chance to list all the sights you’ll include on your itinerary so that you’re ready to go once borders reopen! 

Scan the QR code or click on this link to experience the best of Hong Kong from your home!

How does 360 Hong Kong Moments work?

Viewers can drag the cursor on the screen for a 360-degree view of Hong Kong’s hottest tourist spots. In addition, Hong Kong Tourism Board offers VR DIY goggles that give an ultra-immersive experience when watching videos from a mobile phone.

360 Hong Kong Moments videos can be played via the Youtube App, and you can still view experiences in 360 degrees without VR goggles! Rest assured, Hong Kong won’t slip out of your sights anytime soon, wherever in the world you may be. 

Itching for adventure? Let 360 Hong Kong Moments take you through your favourite sights and sounds! Experience Hong Kong from the comforts of your home now.


Relive Hong Kong’s best travel experiences today 

Although being physically present in Hong Kong is impossible, these 360 Hong Kong Moments bring you on an experiential journey through key landmarks and prime locations in this bustling metropolitan city. Here are the highlights to check out: 

1. Get lost in Hong Kong’s urban jungle

Upon entering Hong Kong’s airspace, travellers peeking out of their window seats are met with towering skyscrapers and residential buildings. If you stay in the right area, the same view shall greet you upon looking out your accommodation’s window.

Particularly, Quarry Bay stands out as an astounding urbanscape to travellers. Located beneath Mount Parker in the Eastern District of Hong Kong Island, Quarry Bay is an industrial and residential area that has grown steadily in the past 20 years. 

360 hong kong moments

Pose in front of one of Hong Kong’s timeless residential areas in Quarry Bay! | Image credit: Sakaori (talk) 

A key landmark that stands here is the Monster Building. As nicknamed by the locals, the building is actually an E-shaped complex composed of five connecting structures. The term ‘monster’ refers to the imposing edifices of these incredibly dense and stacked residential complexes. Looking at this photo makes us miss magnificent pieces of Hong Kong’s history even more — especially when golden hour streaks across the city. That’s one epic photo opportunity you can’t miss while in these parts of Hong Kong! 

Thankfully with 360 Hong Kong Moments, we can admire this multicoloured tapestry of housing units all year round without worrying about it being closed or inaccessible. 

2. While your time away at Victoria Harbour’s star-studded streets & classy dining areas 

The largest harbour in Asia and the third-largest in the world, Victoria Harbour is a sight to behold for travellers visiting Hong Kong. The backdrop of Hong Kong’s majestic skyline complements the Victoria Harbour’s waters, with Instagrammable views that take your breath away.

Cruise liners like the historic Star Ferries, cargo ships, and watercraft of all varieties can be found at the harbour. From here, you can also catch a glimpse of Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter, the first typhoon shelter built in Hong Kong in 1874. 

3. All aboard the Ding Ding Tram

You can almost hear the sound of the tram just by reading it aloud! These double-decker trams — nicknamed ‘ding ding’ by locals — are supposedly the best way to explore the city. Moreover, it’s considered the most affordable, convenient, and greenest public transport mode in Hong Kong.

360 hong kong moments

Image credit: N509FZ

Hong Kong’s tramway operations date back to as early as 1904. It has since grown in fleet size and routes across Hong Kong’s main island. Trams run along both historic and unique parts of Hong Kong, giving travellers an authentic experience that highlights the best of this bustling cityscape. Some of these areas include the renowned HSBC Building, Hong Kong Park, and the busy district of Wan Chai. We know you’re aching to see all of them in person, but for now, let 360 Hong Kong Moments serve as your virtual guide to the metropolis’ busiest parts!

4. Party your Hong Kong nights away

When the sun goes down, an alluring side of Hong Kong emerges. Don’t miss out on catching the city after hours — where its industrial vibes are transformed into the pulsing nightlife. Dazzling lights decorate the glamorous streets, and night owls can look forward to enjoying a cocktail at the many bars and pubs.

Several quintessential nightlife experiences in Hong Kong can be found in SoHo and Temple Street Night Market. To avid Instagrammers out there: They have cocktails fit for royalty (and the ‘Gram!), where your drinks are served with mini ceramic bubble baths and rubber duckies. Talk about an explosion of flavours and aesthetics! 

Watch a light show at Victoria Bay or hit the dance floor at clubs in Lan Kwai Fong! We’re certain you’ll feel Hong Kong’s palpable energy even from your screen.

5. City vs. nature — why not choose both?

Fun fact: Did you know that nature accounts for about 75% of Hong Kong’s land area? No one would’ve thought so, since its office buildings are such imposing sights in the city. In fact, Hong Kong is actually greener than it is grey!

The Peak and Bowen Road are places that demonstrate how Hong Kong blends its concrete jungle and nature escapes in perfect harmony. These vantage points give onlookers a sense of being ‘on top of the world’ — marvelling at how nature and culture intersect to create the Hong Kong we know and love. Travellers looking to uncover Hong Kong’s greener spaces will be delighted to venture to the countryside for a breather from fast-paced city life.

6. Take on thrilling paths outside Hong Kong’s bustling city centre

Attention all backpackers, adrenaline junkies, and everyone in between! Hong Kong’s great outdoors are calling you to immerse yourself in a rich, authentic experience you’ll never forget. While some are found right in the city centre, a few gems are also located farther and further from Hong Kong’s most-visited attractions. Are you ready for your greatest adventure yet?

360 hong kong moments

Lion Rock | Image credit: Minghong

From hiking and cycling to marvelling at mesmerising beach views and thriving nature, Hong Kong brims with travel experiences to last you a lifetime.

Relish places like Green Egg Island, where you can gear up for a half-day trek and wind down at a pristine, pebbly beach at the end of the journey. We’re sure travellers are pining for the views from Lion Rock, which overlooks Kowloon. Tai O, on the other hand, is a quaint and picturesque fishing village that lets tourists savour local life that’s not so fast-paced. Situated on an islet near Lantau Island, Tai O gives off a vibe very different from the centre’s bustling streets!

There’s plenty more to see, whether you’ve been to Hong Kong or not. If you’ve experienced some of Hong Kong’s wonders yourself, then that’s all the more reason to miss this traveller’s paradise. Why not take a digital sneak peek while we can’t travel there just yet? Thinking about it already gets our hearts pumping with excitement! 

#Throwback to unforgettable Hong Kong trips

Although countries worldwide have begun their vaccination programmes, there’s no exact date for cross-country travel resumption anytime soon. It’s a bummer, and we’re yearning to satiate that wanderlust! Nevertheless, 360 Hong Kong Moments is a great way to kickstart a virtual #throwback to our favourite moments abroad. Even if we can’t live them out physically just yet, hopping onboard 360 Hong Kong Moments is definitely a new adventure to embark on! 

We can’t wait to travel the world again! In the meantime, let 360 Hong Kong Moments take you on these adventures anytime, anywhere.


Brought to you by Hong Kong Tourism Board.




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