50 Reasons Singaporeans Are Proud of Their Country

50 Reasons Singaporeans Are Proud of Their Country [Updated 2020]

Whether you’re in your golden years or you’re a Gen Y kiddo, here’s something we Singaporeans can all agree on.

1. Singapore is the only country to go from third-world to first-world in one generation

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2. We have our own special language

Singlish, in fact, is one of the most efficient languages in the world.

3. As well as our own unique “traits”

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Extremely important for survival!

4. We have the best airline in the world

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5. And the best airport too

Voted the World’s Best Airport for the 8th consecutive year at the 2020 World Airport Awards, despite COVID-19.

6. Our water recycling system is so awesome we basically drink our own pee

7. We have the world’s most efficient public transport system…

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Well, on most days at least.

8. Which can get us to just about any corner of Singapore within two hours

9. We’re well protected in the hands of National Service

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10. And it’s soooo safe in Singapore

11. That we can simply roam on the streets at night without worrying much

12. We have a clean record of natural disaster occurrence

Can your country beat that?!

13. And awesome, cheap food is EVERYWHERE

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14. Plenty of the eateries even operate 24 hours

Hungry at 3am? Roti Prata is available just down the street.

15. Almost everyone is at least effectively bilingual

16. And with one of the best education systems in the world…

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17. We have the world’s top-ranking universities too

18. It’s one of the best places to start a business

19. And also the current Olympics record holder for the 100m butterfly in swimming. Thanks, Joseph Schooling!

joseph schooling singapore
Image credit: Joseph Schooling Facebook

20. Singapore has great relations with other countries

21. Partly because our leaders are incredibly charismatic and globally respected

22. Plus they have a (together) East Coast plan

heng swee keat singapore
Image credit: DPM Heng Swee Keat Facebook

23. We have a healthy unemployment rate and economy in Singapore

24. It’s also one of the only places where you can find a Chinese temple, a mosque and an Indian temple along the same street

25. And there’s plenty of green spaces to enjoy

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26. Cleanliness is top-notch here

27. Even when we’re out of Singapore, we hear great things about our country from travellers

28. The nightlife’s great

29. And the museums are amazing

artscience museum
Image credit: ArtScience Museum Facebook

30. Let’s not forget we host the world’s only F1 night race too

31. Singapore’s also one of the best countries to begin a start-up

32. There are many Singapore companies in Silicon Valley

Razer, a gaming peripherals company, is one of them.

33. And we have the world’s fastest average peak Internet speed in the world

34. We probably have at least one mutual friend with any other Singaporean we meet

Now that’s something cool.

35. Our passport’s awesome

singapore passport
Image credit: citizen

We have visa-free entry to so many countries omg. Although we probably won’t be using in for a while.

36. So are our acronyms that only fellow Singaporeans understand


37. Signages are everywhere

It’s almost impossible to get lost in this awesome city.

38. Great connectivity is abundant too

39. There’s cheap, traditional ice cream (coupled with adorable uncles)

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40. And we can indulge in our favourite pastime, shopping, like at any place in Singapore.

41. We support the freedom to love

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42. And are never short of other awesome events

43. Singaporeans are a peaceful bunch

The only times we protest, we do it in the designated Hong Lim Park.

44. Our government gave every Singaporean aged 21 and above $600 during the challenging COVID-19 period

Does your government do that? Huh? Huh??

45. We have an authentic kampong amidst this urban jungle

Image Credits: Jnzl’s Public Domain Photos

Full marks for culture conservation!

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46. It’s perpetually summer here

December and you feel like suntanning? We got that covered.

47. And because we have chilli crab

Yes, this dish totally deserves our pride.

48. It’s also the perfect hub for travellers

49. Even without a passport

We have a bunch of secret islands for you to discover, such as St. John’s Island, Lazarus Island and Kusu Island.

50. And lastly, this song.



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