5 Hauntingly Beautiful Cemeteries Around the World

5 Hauntingly Beautiful Cemeteries Around the World

Cemeteries for your travel bucket list? These beautiful ones will make you consider it.

Some of the best architecture and statues can be found in the place we often find creepy — the cemetery. There’s no saying what kinds of entities you’ll meet in a cemetery; this is the place where we lay the dead, and thinking of spending the night in one is enough to give us the creeps.

However, as daunting as it may be, there are cemeteries still worth a visit because of the beauty they possess. Below are five cemeteries scattered around the world that will draw you in with their olden charms.

1. Highgate Cemetery (London, Englad)

Highgate CemeteryImage credit: andy dolman

In 1839, the cemetery was created to cater to the elite of its time.  The members of the high society was buried in this cemetery, including Karl Marx and Douglas Adams. The magnificent tombs are now decorated with wild flowers, ferns, shrubs and all kinds of vegetation. It looks like the perfect setting of a Gothic 18th century romance.

Address: Swain’s Ln, London N6 6PJ, United Kingdom

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2. Aoyama Cemetery (Tokyo, Japan)

Aoyama CemeteryImage credit: Rs1421

Aoyama Cemetery is not just the grave of well-loved Hachiko, it’s also one of the loveliest cemeteries you’ll find anywhere.

In spring time, the place looks divine as cherry blossom trees surround the tombs. It becomes a popular destination during Hanami, a tradition where people spend the afternoon marvelling at the beauty of the flowers. Being the first public cemetery in Japan, it houses the tombs of notable Japanese personalities like Amino Kiku, Gotō Shōjirō, Ichikawa Danjūrō IX, Kitasato Shibasaburō, and Nakae Chōmin, among others. It also has a foreign section, the only one in all of Japan.

Address: 2 Chome-33 Minamiaoyama, Minato, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan

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3. Bonaventure Cemetery (Georgia, USA)

Bonaventure CemeteryImage credit: ann gav

Found in the banks of the Wilmington River, the Bonaventure Cemetery is sometimes haunting, and most of the time charming. It’s often listed as one of the must-visit sites in Savannah, Georgia due to the oak tree-lined roadways making the place look majestic. No wonder it has been the source of inspirations of artists and creatives for more than 150 years.

Address: 330 Bonaventure Rd, Thunderbolt, GA 31404, United States

4. Waverley Cemetery (Sydney, Australia)

Waverley CemeteryImage credit: Winston Yang

In the Land Down Under, the Waverly Cemetery can be found at the top cliffs in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The Victorian and Edwardian monuments appear to be guarding the tombs, and the majestic view of the ocean provides a nice contrast of the grim rows upon rows of tombs.

Address: St Thomas St, Bronte NSW 2024, Australia

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5. Santa Maria Magdalena De Pazzis Cemetery

beautiful cemeteries worldwideImage credit: vxla

Located in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, the colonial-era cemetery is named after the Saint Maria Magdalena de Pazzis. According to its chaplain, the location of the cemetery is right where Puerto Ricans believe lies the separation of life and death. The cemetery overlooks the Atlantic Ocean to symbolise the departed’s journey to the afterlife.

Tip: It’s best viewed from the hills of El Moro.

Address: Old San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico

With its full history and beauty that can take you back hundreds of years, cemeteries can fit perfectly into your itinerary.

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