12 Things You Didn't Know about the Sydney Harbour Bridge

12 Things You Didn’t Know about the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Ready for the Climb of Your Life? Here are interesting facts you probably didn't know about BridgeClimb Sydney.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most prominent landmarks in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and one of the largest cities in Australia. In fact, prior to the construction of the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was the city’s de facto icon.

The bridge took eight years to build and opened in March 1932. Even until now, 84 years later, it still remains the world’s largest steel arch bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge offers some of the best views of the surrounding city and harbour. You can just imagine then, how incredible the views will be from on top of the bridge.

Yup, we’re talking about BridgeClimb Sydney, that bucket-list activity for travellers who dream to enjoy a bird’s eye, panoramic views of the city. We could wax lyrical about how amazing climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is, but let’s start with 12 cool facts about the Harbour Bridge and BridgeClimb Sydney to get you excited!

1. It takes 1332 steps to reach the top

bridgeclimb sydney facts

The higher you climb, the better the view! This is so true for climbers who take on BridgeClimb Sydney. Imagine inching forward, step by step, and seeing the city stretching endlessly towards the horizon, fringed by the sparkling blue waters of the harbour. The architectural wonder that is the Sydney Opera House looks so majestic in the distant, breathtaking from every angle. Now these 1332 steps might just be the most memorable steps you took in Sydney.

2. The peak of its arch stands 134 metres above Sydney Harbour

Before you know it, you will reach the top.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is affectionately nicknamed “The Coathanger” for its arched design. At its very peak, the arch is a whopping 134 metres above Sydney Harbour!

3. No BridgeClimb experience is ever the same

BridgeClimb Sydney facts

No BridgeClimb experience is ever the same. For one, the views from Sydney Harbour Bridge differ greatly according to the time of the day. Pick your favourite: day, night or twilight? Do you prefer the skies to be blazing orange, illuminated by the setting sun, or do you prefer dark skies, where the bright city lights take centre-stage?

4. A man has completed the BridgeClimb 105 times

It is no surprise then that one can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge again and again without getting bored of it. In fact, a man from Sydney has done it 105 times…

5. Two words: Themed Climbs!

Dance under the moonlight on an illuminated 70’s style multi-coloured flashing dance floor, or belt out your favourite Chinese and K-Pop songs – believe it or not – on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

You can look forward to three special themed climbs in 2016, namely the Vivid Climb, Karaoke Climb and Mardi Gras Climb. If your trip to Sydney coincides with these seasonal themed climbs, you will have an extra reason to scale the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Better still, time your visit to coincide with these special climbs! You are guaranteed to leave with a memory of a lifetime.

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6. Even those with a fear of heights can attempt to scale it

Afraid of heights? Well, you can see this as a chance to overcome it. The experienced and patient climb leaders from BridgeClimb Sydney have helped thousands of climbers overcome their fear of heights. Take on the challenge; this journey will be all the more meaningful for you.

Otherwise, you can also complete the BridgeClimb Sampler and ascend the inner arch of the Harbour Bridge to a vantage point that is halfway to the summit. Just half the height, but stunning views nonetheless.

7. Age is not a limit

As long as you have a general level of health and fitness, and free from physical injuries, heart and respiratory conditions, you can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Don’t let age be a limiting factor; the oldest climber was a 100 year old lady by the name of Mrs Chris Muller.

Children from the age of 8 (and taller than 1.2 metres) are also welcome to join their parents for the BridgeClimb. How about this for a fun family activity?

8. All you need during the BridgeClimb is a sense of adventure…

And perhaps your sunglasses and a good pair of shoes. Before the climb, climbers will be decked in all the essential outdoor gear they need. Don’t worry, you’ll look pretty cool and more importantly, you’ll be comfy and ready to brave the elements.

9. Over 4000 couples became engaged whilst climbing the bridge

Let’s talk about romance now.

Love was (literally) in the air for the thousands of couples who became engaged on Sydney Harbour Bridge. But that’s not all…

10. 26 couples tied the knot on top of it

There were even couples who (literally) took their relationship to a whole new level at the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

11. Oprah Winfrey had the climb of her life

If Oprah Winfrey has done it, you can pretty much deduce that climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a big deal. In fact, she’s not the only celebrity who has enjoyed the BridgeClimb experience. Stars on screens like Matt Damon, Nicole Kidman and Robert De Niro, singers like Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry and hey, even Prince Harry has done it. Think about this on your way to the summit: you are walking in the footsteps of your favourite stars…

12. And so has over 3.4 million people

Celebrities aside, more than 3.4 million people have climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge with BridgeClimb Sydney. This is an astounding number – more than half the population of Singapore! Indeed, that is how quintessential climbing Harbour Bridge is to the whole “Sydney experience”. So add yourself to the number and make a few magical moments for yourself high above the Sydney skyline.

bridgeclimb sydney facts

What are you waiting for? Be sure to experience this exhilarating activity with BridgeClimb Sydney on your next trip Down Under. The climb of your life awaits you.

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