10 Long Weekends to Make 2015 an Awesome Vacations Year for Singapore

10 Long Weekends to Make 2015 an Awesome Vacations Year for Singaporeans

10 long weekends? 35 days of vacation? All in 2015? No you’re not dreaming. Singapore's 2015 gazetted public holidays sound too good to be true. What are you waiting for? Grab your sun hat, your swimsuit and book your next vacation! Or probably vacations.

Hooray! I’m sure you’ve already heard the exciting news! Singapore’s government has just released the list of gazetted public holidays for 2015! Here’s a messy look:

New Year’s Day, Jan 1, Thursday  |  Chinese New Year, Feb 19 & 20, Thursday & Friday  |  Good Friday, Apr 3, Friday  |  Labour Day, May 1, Friday  |  Vesak Day, June 1, Monday  |  Hari Raya Puasa, Jul 17, Friday  | SG50 Public Holiday, Aug 7, Friday  | National Day, Aug 9, Sunday  |  Hari Raya Haji, Sept 24, Thursday  |  Deepavali, Nov 10, Tuesday  |  Christmas Day, Dec 25, Friday

For those still stuck at planning for long weekends in 2014, please take a look at this article instead. For Malaysians looking to find out how their number of long weekends compares to Singapore, click here

Basically, in 2015, you can look forward to 10 long weekends with just minimal leaves! Okay let us just break this down for easy digestion.

10 long weekends

in 10 different months

with just 3 days of annual leave (only!)

you’ll get 35 days of vacation

How cool is that? That’s almost 10% of the year off!

Okay, let me just help you visualise this better.

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NEW SG 2015 CLDr-02

After which I’d still have 11 more days of leave to plan. All I can say is that bosses all over are probably going to have great difficulty pinning us back in the office! Speaking of which, I’m gonna pin this calendar on my desk to make me work harder for 2015.

Go ahead and share this calendar with your friends! You’re welcome.

If you don’t already have plans for the holiday, get inspiration from this awesome weekend getaway travel plan for 2015, which features 12 destinations in 12 months. For those already planning your long weekend getaways, check out the travel deals page from TripZilla.

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